Appointment guidelines for consultant and leadership roles in SRH services

With the cessation of new appointments into the SAS grade in April 2008 (with the exception of regrading existing Staff Grade posts to Associate Specialist if expression of interest was lodged by 31st March 2009), we have reviewed the recommendations relating to appointments in sexual and reproductive health services (SRH).

All substantive consultant and specialty doctor posts should have a job description, person specification and job plan. In the case of consultants and posts which involve leadership or specific management skills these should be submitted and approved by the FSRH prior to being advertised.

There is an agreement with the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) that jobs with any surgical component should also be approved by the RCOG and in this instance employers should submit to both bodies.

All job descriptions/plans/person specifications should be emailed to Samuel Yosef at

To request a representative for the AAC, a minimum of six weeks notification is required. Again, please email with regards to requesting a representative.

The HR department of Employing bodies should send all applications (even if just one applicant) to the AAC member prior to the interview date so they can feed into the short listing process. The AAC member needs to ensure that candidates are short listed in keeping with the approved person specification.

Please refer to the corresponding FSRH Appointment Guidelines 2016 for further information about the pre-interview and appointment process as well as contract considerations.