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FSRH Response to the NHS Maternity Review online Consultation Nov 2015

File size: 435kb | Date: 1 November 2015 | FSRH Consultation Response - PDF

The FSRH believes that at present there is a missed opportunity in maternity services. Within these services there is failure to utilise health care professionals to raise the issue of contraception both antenatally and postnatally.

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FSRH New Product Review: Eloine Daylette (November 2015)

File size: 100kb | Date: 1 November 2015 | New Product Reviews - PDF

How effective is 20mcgEE/3mgDRSP as contraception? 20mcgEE/3mg DRSP is of comparable effectiveness to other combined oral contraceptives. [1,2,3] A large US observational study reports lower failure rates amongst users of a 24/4 EE/DRSP regimen than a 21/7 EE/DRSP regimen. The study also suggests greater contraceptive effectiveness of a 24/4 EE/DRSP regimen than with a 24/4 regimen containing EE in combination with norethisterone.

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FSRH Response to the Department of Health's Consultation on 'Refreshing the Public Health Outcomes Framework' Oct 2015

File size: 376kb | Date: 1 October 2015 | FSRH Consultation Response - PDF

As an organisation focused on sexual and reproductive health – a key component of public health - the FSRH welcomes this review into the efficiency of existing public health indicators. This offers an opportunity to strengthen the PHOF in particular to take into account the sexual and reproductive health of the entire population.

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FSRH CEU Statement: Response to the BMJ paper by Mao et. al. (October 2015)

File size: 44kb | Date: 1 October 2015 | Clinical Statements - PDF

A large observational study from the United States found that the risk of unintended pregnancy after Essure sterilisation was similar to that after surgical sterilisation. However just over 2% of women who had Essure sterilisation required a further operation related to the sterilisation procedure within a year.

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FSRH Response to Health Select Committee Inquiry Into Primary Care Sept 2015

File size: 569kb | Date: 1 September 2015 | FSRH Consultation Response - PDF

In its capacity as a specialist SRH organisation, the FSRH welcome the opportunity to outline to the Health Select Committee the challenges that are facing the delivery of contraceptive care in the primary care setting, both in the strict sense of General Practice clinics and the ways in which restrictions on Specialist Contraceptive Services are negatively impacting upon GP workload.

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FSRH Response to the Department of Health Consultation on Local Authority Public Health Allocations 2015/16: In-year Savings (Aug 2015)

File size: 524kb | Date: 1 August 2015 | FSRH Consultation Response - PDF

The FSRH welcomes this consultation on Local Authority health allocations for in-year savings in 2015/16. We, however, would like to express our grave concerns regarding the impact of such cuts on sexual and reproductive health if the Government’s plans go ahead. We also acknowledge and support the response from BASHH with regards to this consultation.