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Advanced Clinical Practitioner (ACP) curriculum

File size: 1602kb | Date: 2 July 2019 | Education and Training Documents - PDF

Download our new Advanced Clinical Practitioner (ACP) curriculum for practitioners working in integrated sexual health services. Jointly produced by BASHH, FSRH and NHIVNA, and endorsed by Health Education England (HEE).

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FSRH Structured Reflective Template: Case Review

File size: 241kb | Date: 11 April 2018 | Education and Training Documents - DOCX

The “FSRH Structured Reflective Template: Case Review” can be used to assist with documenting the type of case reviewed, describing this case, reflecting on good clinical care and reflecting on maintaining good medical practice. Download this document here.

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FSRH Reflection for FRT recertification

File size: 28kb | Date: 11 April 2018 | Education and Training Documents - DOCX

The “FSRH Reflection forms for FRT recertification” can be used to progress beyond describing teaching to documenting personal reflections based on your teaching experience such as: what you liked, enjoyed, felt and why; what you disliked or felt didn’t go so well; and what you may have found difficult or challenging. Download this document here.