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FSRH CEU Statement on Nexplanon® Insertion Site 15 January 2020

File size: 327kb | Date: 15 January 2020 | Clinical Statements - PDF

This CEU Statement provides guidance to healthcare professionals in response to a letter circulated by MSD (manufacturer of Nexplanon®) to healthcare professionals in the UK about updated guidance regarding the recommended Nexplanon® insertion site.

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FSRH CEU Statement: Extended use of all 52mg LNG-IUDs for up to eight years for contraception (May 2024)

File size: 296kb | Date: 9 May 2024 | Clinical Statements - PDF

Following the change in licence of Mirena® to eight years, the CEU have reconvened the Intrauterine Contraception (IUC) Guideline Development Group (GDG) to consider the extended use of all 52mg LNG-IUDs to eight years for contraception. Overall, whilst the evidence is limited, the GDG felt there was sufficient evidence to make the following recommendations.

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FSRH CEU Statement: Mirena 8 years contraception (Jan 2024)

File size: 504kb | Date: 11 January 2024 | Clinical Statements - PDF

This CEU statement notes that the Mirena® 52mg LNG-IUD has now been licensed for 8 years for contraception. There has not been an extension to the licensed duration of use when being used for the management of heavy menstrual bleeding, or for endometrial protection as part of hormone replacement therapy. 
This supersedes the current advice in the Intrauterine Contraception Guideline.

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FSRH CEU Statement: Response to new study by Meaidi et al (2023) Venous thromboembolism with use of hormonal contraception and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

File size: 433kb | Date: 7 September 2023 | Clinical Statements - PDF

This FSRH Statement responses to a recently published study by Meaidi et al. published on 06/09/2023 which used data from nationwide Danish databases to compare risk of first VTE events during use of hormonal contraception (HC) with that during concomitant use of HC and the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) ibuprofen, diclofenac or naproxen.

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FSRH response to new study using a mathematical model to inform dose and regimen of exogenous hormones (April 2023)

File size: 347kb | Date: 13 April 2023 | Clinical Statements - PDF

A new mathematical model suggests that effective suppression of ovulation for contraception could be achieved using lower doses of progestogen and estrogen than those currently used in hormonal contraceptives. A paper published today in PLOS Computational Biology describes the model and its findings. The authors highlight that lower exposure to exogenous hormones could reduce associated health risks and side effects. The model could be used to inform dose and regimen of exogenous hormones to be investigated by future clinical trials seeking to find new options for safe, effective and acceptable contraception. Clinical trials would be required to investigate what outcomes, with such regimens, were found in practice.

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FSRH CEU Statement: New manufacturer/MHRA advice regarding nomegestrol acetate – how does this affect prescribing of Zoely®? (April 2023)

File size: 497kb | Date: 13 April 2023 | Clinical Statements - PDF

Theramex, in agreement with the MHRA, has issued a direct healthcare professional communications (DHPC) letter relating to prescribing of Zoely®, a combined oral contraceptive containing estradiol in combination with 2.5mg of the progestogen nomegestrol acetate (NOMAC).

The guidance is a response to evidence indicating an association between use of preparations containing nomegestrol acetate at higher doses than in Zoely (3.75mg-5mg) and increased risk of intracranial meningioma.

There is not evidence relating directly to use of Zoely itself.

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FSRH CEU Statement Response to Edelman 2022 (August 2022)

File size: 402kb | Date: 4 August 2022 | Clinical Statements - PDF

A new study (Edelman 2022) adds to the evidence around use of LNG-EC by those with higher weight/BMI but does not give a clear enough picture to inform any change in guidance.