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FSRH Position Restoration of SRH Services during Covid-19 and Beyond June 2020

File size: 155kb | Date: 5 June 2020 | Covid-19 (Coronavirus) - PDF

This guidance on restoration of SRH services is aimed at decision-makers, commissioners, service managers and healthcare professionals. It was developed in consultation with FSRH’s Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland Committees. It provides recommendations on which services should be prioritised during restoration. It also outlines what has worked well during strict lockdown and should remain in place beyond the pandemic; for instance, the need for a variety of modalities of consultation to meet the SRH care needs of all, including the most vulnerable.

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Extended use of Implant and LNG-IUS during covid-19

File size: 197kb | Date: 5 June 2020 | Covid-19 (Coronavirus) - PDF

Full Question: Please can you explain why it is OK to use a Nexplanon® for 4 years and Mirena® for 6 years during Covid-19 but not under normal circumstances?

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Combined hormonal contraception, COVID-19 and VTE risk - Members Evidence Request May 2020

File size: 459kb | Date: 4 June 2020 | Covid-19 (Coronavirus) - PDF

Full question: For women starting a CHC the first year seems to be when the highest risk of VTE. Is there some caution we should be taking with starting CHC at this current time when there is an increased risk of contracting Covid 19? Should we be more careful in those women with a higher BMI who may not be contraindicated to CHC? In smokers? Would it also be more of concern in those women who are shielding who may have more of a concern that covid may be more severe in them?