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FSRH Consultation response - Public Health Outcomes Framework (PHOF) 2019/20

File size: 404kb | Date: 4 March 2019 | FSRH Consultation Response - PDF

FSRH Consultation Response: FSRH welcomes Public Health England’s proposed changes to the Public Health Outcomes Framework 2019/2020. We have provided robust evidence in support of the proposed indicators in sexual and reproductive healthcare (SRH) and has highlighted room for improvement.

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FSRH response Health and Social Care inquiry sexual health September 2018

File size: 399kb | Date: 3 October 2018 | FSRH Consultation Response - PDF

In its submission to the Health and Social Care Committee’s (HSC) sexual health inquiry, FSRH provides evidence on cuts to sexual and reproductive health (SRH) care services as voiced by its membership, highlighting the effects it has had on the workforce. FSRH stresses the role of Government in strengthening local authorities’ (LAs) SRH mandate.

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FSRH Consultation Response NHS England Long term plan September 2018

File size: 416kb | Date: 2 October 2018 | FSRH Consultation Response - PDF

NHS England (NHSE) has launched a consultation following the recent Government announcement of additional funding for the NHS. In our response, FSRH has called for the establishment of a women’s health strand to the long-term plan, pointing out that there is substantial evidence to suggest that women’s access to healthcare is being skewed by fragmentation of commissioning and perverse financial incentives.

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FSRH response GPhC new safeguards for online sales of medicines

File size: 191kb | Date: 20 August 2018 | FSRH Consultation Response - PDF

FSRH responds to consultation by The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) on new safeguards for online sales of medicines, including prescription-only medicines. FSRH has warned that new safeguarding measures could inadvertently create additional barriers for women to access their preferred method of contraception.