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FSRH CEU Statement on Nexplanon® Insertion Site 15 January 2020

File size: 327kb | Date: 15 January 2020 | Clinical Statements - PDF

This CEU Statement provides guidance to healthcare professionals in response to a letter circulated by MSD (manufacturer of Nexplanon®) to healthcare professionals in the UK about updated guidance regarding the recommended Nexplanon® insertion site.

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Telemedicine for EMA - Q&A

File size: 236kb | Date: 9 September 2021 | FSRH Policy and External Affairs - DOCX

This collates responses to questions on the issue of telemedicine for Early Medical Abortion (EMA).

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FSRH Response HEE Call for Evidence Strategic Framework September 2021

File size: 188kb | Date: 7 September 2021 | FSRH Consultation Response - PDF

The Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH) welcomes the opportunity to submit a response to the call for evidence “Strategic Framework Call for Evidence 2021” by Health Education England (HEE).