FSRH New Product Review: Eloine Daylette (November 2015)


Published on: 1 November 2015

File size: 100kb PDF

File type: New Product Reviews

Author: FSRH Clinical Effectiveness Unit (CEU)

How effective is 20mcgEE/3mgDRSP as contraception? 20mcgEE/3mg DRSP is of comparable effectiveness to other combined oral contraceptives. [1,2,3] A large US observational study reports lower failure rates amongst users of a 24/4 EE/DRSP regimen than a 21/7 EE/DRSP regimen. The study also suggests greater contraceptive effectiveness of a 24/4 EE/DRSP regimen than with a 24/4 regimen containing EE in combination with norethisterone.

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