Our Clinical Effectiveness Unit (CEU) provides an enquiry service for FSRH members. The CEU response will summarise the available evidence and guidance in relation to a particular condition or method. The advice given should be considered as guidance only and is meant to be used along with clinical judgement to guide clinical practice or policy. The enquiry service cannot provide clinical advice on individual cases. The CEU strongly recommends that you discuss any complex clinical query with your specialist contraceptive lead.

Please note: All information contained in Members’ Enquiry responses is valid at the time of writing and is subject to change as scientific knowledge advances.

How to submit an evidence-based enquiry

  • First search the database. You can use one word, a sentence or a phrase. Your query may have already been answered by the CEU. 
  • If your query doesn't return any answers, please submit your question in the question box that appears at the bottom of the page. Make sure you press 'submit'. 
  • Your query, will go direct to the CEU who will respond to you as soon as possible. 

The FSRH CEU has produced a quick guide on conducting systematic literature reviews to answer clinical questions (log in to access the guide). This brief and easy-to-use guide aims to support FSRH members to conduct a systematic literature search/review to answer clinical enquiries they may have. The process described in this guidance is adapted from the process used by the FSRH CEU when responding to enquiries made via the members evidence request service.