Why I enjoy being a Faculty Registered Trainer by Katherine Gilmore

Posted 17 Mar 2019

Date: 17 Mar 2019

Author: Katherine Gilmore

Katherine Gilmore explains how her status as a Faculty Registered Trainer (FRT) has impacted her practice both professionally and personally.

I am a Specialist Registrar in Community Sexual and Reproductive Health (CSRH) in Newcastle upon Tyne. I obtained my status as a Faculty Registered Trainer (FRT) in 2017 by taking the FSRH Postgraduate Course in Medical Education at Keele University. Teaching and training is a key component of the CSRH curriculum. Certifying as an FRT provided me with a strong foundation and broader understanding of educational theory and its application in the provision of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) training. Katerine Gilmore FRT for FSRHThis has enabled me to build confidence and experience in the delivery of practical teaching and training in the workplace.

In SRH, we work closely with allied healthcare professionals (HCPs) such as nurses, health advisors and GPs. Many HCPs rotate through our integrated sexual health service hoping to develop their SRH skills and knowledge. They often seek a structured approach to learning in order to demonstrate their achievements and provide evidence through certification in the FSRH Diploma and Letters of Competence in Intrauterine Techniques and Subdermal Contraceptive Implant Techniques.

I see my role in delivering this training as an FRT as symbiotic. I feel hugely privileged to have the opportunity to be a trainer; to teach and learn from every patient encounter or case discussion. SRH is a specialty where broader and more complex themes and vulnerabilities often unfold; including safeguarding, domestic abuse, and sexual violence and both I and the trainee may carry our own views and experiences. These themes can be shared, challenged and unpicked, enabling new learning and the opportunity to build on professional attitudes as well as furthering clinical knowledge.

As a CSRH trainee, FRT and aspirant future SRH leader, I see my role as a being an advocate for reproductive choices and delivery of high quality standards in SRH. I endeavour to share my enthusiasm and passion for SRH in my training and hope that this has the effect of influencing and empowering other HCPs to champion SRH in their workplace and the community through the sharing and dissemination of good practice, knowledge skills and attitudes.

I would strongly encourage any HCP working within a SRH setting or a with a special interest in SRH to consider becoming a FRT. It is an invaluable way to share your passion for the specialty, ensure the delivery of good practice, further build on your own knowledge and skills as well as continuously challenge your professional judgments.

I also believe that it is more important than ever in a climate of uncertainty within SRH and cuts to budgets that we continue to promote, provide and train others in the delivery of high quality sexual and reproductive health to all.

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