What will the FSRH look like in 2025?

Posted 28 Jun 2019

Date: 28 Jun 2019

Author: Federico Moscogiuri

As we publish our 2018 Annual Review, our CEO shares his thoughts on the future direction of the FSRH.

Although I have only been with the FSRH since February this year, it’s been a pleasure and a privilege for me to work here as CEO during this time. One thing that came across very clearly to me from the very beginning was FSRH’s strong person-centred ethos and focus on empowerment. This is central to everything we do as an organisation and continues to underpin our work over the coming years.

Ultimately, improving quality and access to sexual and reproductive healthcare (SRH) is about more than just healthcare, and more than just treating or preventing disease. It’s about choice, control, quality of life - and even saving lives.

2018 – our key achievements

2018 was an exciting year for us. We supported over 1,700 doctors and nurses to achieve our Diploma and Letter of Competence qualifications, developed new standards and guidance and re-launched our SRH Essentials one-day courses.

We increased our media profile and lobbied for improvements to the provision of SRH care, alongside celebrating our 25th anniversary.

You can read more about our achievements in our 2018 annual review.

Our 2020-2025 strategy: a holistic, person-centred approach to SRH

As the UK’s largest professional membership organisation in SRH, we believe that access to high-quality SRH care throughout the life course is a fundamental right, and we are developing a new strategic plan to shape our priorities over the next five years.

This is being informed by many conversations with our members, trainers, trustees, Council and other stakeholders.

Our focus continues to be on a holistic, person-centred approach to sexual and reproductive health. Women, in particular, have been disproportionately impacted by funding cuts and the fragmentation of SRH care that we have seen in recent years.

We will continue, and strengthen, our efforts to ensure that women’s health and access to safe, legal and high-quality contraception and abortion services are seen as an essential part of our healthcare system.

Raising awareness about SRH is an important part of this, building on existing work such as our abortion factsheet for schools, and we will continue to work in partnership with key organisations in SRH.

We will also ensure that preventing and treating STIs is regarded as part and parcel of delivering holistic, person-centred SRH.

Health professionals trained to deliver high-quality SRH care have a key role to play in making this happen. We must ensure that we have a fully supported workforce that is fit for meeting the present and future needs of the population.

Supporting our members to deliver effective, safe SRH

Our educational offer is central to our role here at FSRH and remains a core part of our new strategy. We are developing our new FSRH Diploma, which opens for applications in Spring 2020.

We’ve taken on extensive feedback and reviewed the curriculum to make sure it’s up-to-date and clinically robust, and we’re improving our learner journey with a new learning management system, based on feedback from our trainers, trainees and stakeholders.

We want to ensure our qualifications and training delivers the skills and knowledge that health professionals need – alongside a positive, user-friendly experience for an increasingly wide range of health professionals.

We are continuing to develop our clinical guidance and standards, ensuring they remain up-to-date, high-quality and as comprehensive as possible.

We’re also publishing quick reference guides to our Clinical Guidelines – most recently on Combined Hormonal Contraception – to help our members access the key information they need to support their practice.

Ensuring our membership and governance is fit for the future

Alongside this, we will ensure that our membership offers high value and caters for the needs of a much broader audience, through improving and enhancing opportunities for remote learning, peer-to-peer networking and face-to-face events for all our members.

We are lucky to have around 250 healthcare professionals who give their time to support us on our 20 committees. We are continuously improving how our committees operate to make sure that members’ time is used well and our committee outputs align with our strategy.

As part of this, we are creating new committees for our specialist training and workforce workstreams to help better connect the work of our Educational and Strategy Board.

Our strategic plan is being developed over the coming months and will launch this Autumn. In many ways, though, this is not the end but the start of a broader and ongoing conversation with all of you.

Thank you

Finally, a huge thank you to all our trainers, members and those who participate in our committees, who are the lifeblood of our organisation.

You are the people who deliver change on the ground and in practice. Your continued commitment, dedication and support is both inspirational and hugely valued, as we enter the next chapter of our exciting journey.