What happened at October 2020’s Council meeting?

Posted 03 Nov 2020

Date: 03 Nov 2020

Author: Dr Emma Manson

Dr Emma Manson, GP and Diplomate Representative, reports from the 15 October 2020 Council meeting, which was a joint meeting with members of the Board of Trustees.

As a Diplomate council member and GP with an interest in sexual health, the highlight of previous FSRH council meetings was interacting face-to-face and bouncing around ideas with respected national figures in the world of sexual and reproductive health. The organisation of this meeting from an IT perspective could not have been improved, with the use of break out rooms allowing a wider range of discussion. You can’t get away from it - Zoom meetings are not quite the same!

Work was already in progress, prior to the pandemic, to “future proof” the FSRH’s activities. Committees, projects and working groups have continued remotely. This has been a major achievement, due in no small part to the work of officers, committee members and staff.

Online developments include moving the SRH Essentials for Primary Care course to remote delivery. In the age of the tablet and smartphone, our long-term goal is to look at how to deliver our standards and guidance in more user-friendly formats- perhaps an app or a microsite.

The format of future educational meetings and events was discussed. Webinars have proved very popular, but it was acknowledged that many delegates still prefer face-to-face meetings and conferences. Any member feedback or suggestions would be welcome.

IT and qualification changes include:

  • The learning management system, name ‘FSRH Training Hub’ which we hope will be operational during November and be used to deliver the Redesigned FSRH Diploma (DFSRH).
  • eSRH has been reviewed and updated and is now available via eLfH and the modules will be closely linked to the Redesigned Diploma and LoC qualifications.
  • The updated CSRH curriculum is undergoing GMC review and will hopefully be implemented by August 2021.

The work of the Trustees formed an important part of the meeting. We learned more about their work and discussed the structure of the committee. Decisions from the last meeting were reviewed including highlights from the budget for 2021.

The International Committee Chair, Dr Nicky Morgan, presented the International Committee’s strategy for approval, which sets out our ambitions to have a stronger global presence. This went on to be approved and the strategy will be shared with members in the coming months.

Finally, our latest group of Fellows were admitted. Sadly, there will be no in-person ceremony this year, but we look forward to celebrating their achievement in the future.

This was a fast-paced and full council meeting reflecting the scope of work undertaken by the FSRH this year. We hope this blog helps members gain an overview of the Faculty’s work.

If you have any questions or suggestions please email: info@fsrh.org