What happened at June 2021’s FSRH Council meeting

Posted 16 Jul 2021

Date: 16 Jul 2021

Author: Dr Sinead Cook

Dr Sinead Cook, one of our FSRH Council Member/ Fellow Representatives, talks through what was discussed at our recent Council meeting in June.

June’s council meeting (conducted virtually via zoom) had a sad and solemn start, as we remembered Jane Hatfield, our first CEO of the FSRH, who recently died, through a one minute silence.

We then had a couple of goodbyes and hellos. We said farewell to Jane Dickson who has stepped down from her role as Vice President for Workforce Strategy and we welcomed back Federico Moscogiuri back as interim CEO who will work until Gary Waltham starts in November. Gary Waltham joins us from RCOG, where he is Executive Director, Education, Quality and Projects. We heard about the very rigorous process in shortlisting and then appointing our new CEO that was undertaken. I’m very happy that the youngest meeting attendee (my 3-month old baby!) was also made very welcome.

There was a productive debate about the need (or not) for a consultation prior to provision of emergency contraception. FSRH guidelines currently recommend a prior consultation, but it is not mandatory. However, it is understood by many that it is mandatory, and this has led to some women being unable to access oral emergency contraception from pharmacies if they have been unable to offer a consultation at the time.

The debate culminated in a vote as to whether Council feel the FSRH should support oral emergency contraception to become a general sales item, and it was agreed by a large majority that it should. It was also agreed that the FSRH should issue a statement highlighting that the inability to provide a prior consultation should never be a barrier to access.

We split into three groups to discuss FSRH membership following a presentation, and gathered thoughts and ideas about how we can grow and diversify our future membership.

After reviewing the very high-quality applications for FSRH Honorary Fellows, we discussed and agreed upon this year’s Honorary Fellows and they will be announced and presented later.

The meeting finished with presentations from a selection of our Committee Chairs and it was great to hear some of the excellent work that has been going on over the last year despite all the challenges COVID-19 has brought us.

Cindy Farmer, Chair of our General Training Committee reported:

  • Our new Diploma has been very popular, with more people signing up to undertake it than expected. Of those that have completed it, all gave very positive feedback about it and their Faculty Registered Trainers.
  • The committee is considering how to ensure we have continued recruitment, retention and engagement of FRTs.

Nicky Morgan, Chair of our International Committee shared:

  • Our International Strategy has now been launched and we now have a global page on our website
  • The International Certificate of Knowledge has been piloted and feedback acted on.
  • The eSRH is being looked at to adapt this for an international audience.

Charlotte Porter, Chair of our Specialty Advisory Committee said:

  • Six new trainees have been successfully appointed to start this year and the new curriculum will be implemented in August.
  • There have been some COVID-19 effects on training, but the trainees have generally been doing a great job to continue to progress with their training despite the challenges this has brought.

Janet Michaelis, Co-Chair of our Events Committee updated:

  • Following an exceptionally successful virtual conference last year, planning is underway for a similar virtual event on 17 November 2021.
  • Our virtual FSRH / BASHH conference unfortunately had a delayed start, but delegates still rated the conference generally positively and lessons have been learnt for future events.

It was great to catch up with colleagues and the FSRH whilst being on maternity leave.