Paula Baraitser reflects on the Global Contraception Meeting held in June 2018

Posted 25 Jun 2018

Date: 25 Jun 2018

Author: Paula Baraister

Reflecting on the Global Contraception Meeting in June 2018.

The International Affairs Committee of the FSRH hosted a meeting entitled Global Contraception at the Royal Society of Medicine on the 19th June.


#RSMGlobalConferenceEVENTThe meeting, introduced by Baroness Tonge, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Population, Development and Reproductive Health aimed to stimulate discussion under three themes:

  • What can we share from UK practice that has global relevance? – Kaye Wellings reflected on 30 years of evidence-based sexual health policy; Alison Hadley updated on global learning from the success of the English teenage pregnancy strategy and Jane Hatfield presented FSRH work within an international context.

  • What can we learn from international practice that has UK relevance? – Dhamika Pererra discussed strategies to maintain clinical governance across Marie Stopes International, providing contraceptive services to 30 million women per day across diverse contexts and Kelly Cleland reflected on the US experience of the barriers to accessing emergency contraception from pharmacies.

  • How do global health issues play out in local practice? – Maya Unnithan discussed her research on sex-selective abortion among South Asian women in England and Tonye Wokoma shared her work on the reproductive health of migrant women in the UK.
As part of the ‘What can we learn from international practice that has UK relevance?’ theme, the conference debated the question: ‘this house believes that contraception available over the counter in pharmacies is an important solution to the global unmet need for modern methods of contraception.’ Kate Guthrie (FSRH Trustee) and James Trussell led the debate in favour and won the vote by a huge majority!’

Delegate feedback

  • Over 80 delegates attended the event. Most were looking to learn for their development and also to network.
  • 96.8% of delegates said they were very/satisfied with the event

With many reflecting that they were going to use the resource ideas shared by speaker to enhance their learning and practice.

You can check out the conversation on Twitter using #RSMGlobalHealth