Why I’d recommend taking the redesigned FSRH Diploma

Posted 01 Dec 2020

Date: 01 Dec 2020

Author: Dr Jenny Millard

Continuing our blog series linking to the launch of our redesigned FSRH Diploma (DFSRH), Dr Jennifer Millard tells us how she can’t recommend the Diploma enough and the improvement in clinical practice and opportunities at work it has provided for her.

Since obtaining the FSRH Diploma (DFSRH) I now have specific sessions in my working week where I fit implants and see patients for reproductive and sexual health issues. I love having a session where I can concentrate on a clinical area I have a passion for. It also gives me an element of variety within my normal working week, which is something I really would recommend.

The DFSRH has really given me increased confidence in managing consultations with patients with reproductive and sexual health concerns, which was one of the reasons I undertook it.

It feels good to have an area of special interest in which I can give my patients up-to-date, evidence-based advice. I really liked the variety of teaching methods within the DFSRH. For example, case-based discussions with my FSRH trainer meant that I was challenged in how I approached my consultations and management plans.

The research section allowed me to learn in a different way and be able to pass on some knowledge to my GP, nursing and admin colleagues. There were video links and e-learning modules and I find learning in these different formats helped me to keep motivated in my learning. It was an enjoyable learning experience.

Of course, I was apprehensive about doing the observed stations at the Assessment Half-Day, but I actually really enjoyed the exam and it was a brilliant way to reflect and realise how much I had learnt while completing the DFSRH. (It helped that all the examiners were so friendly!). The clinical consultations I was observed doing as part of the training were really helpful for this.

The whole Diploma was so well organised and the support was so helpful along the way; and my FSRH trainer was amazing!

Another positive was the spread of topics within female and reproductive health which I felt covered a large area; all contraceptive methods, childhood sexual exploitation, Gillick competence, and so on. Having access to the materials on the FSRH website was so useful and now something I use regularly.

I really can’t recommend the DFSRH enough! It was an enjoyable Diploma to do and helped me gain increased confidence and knowledge.

Applications for our FSRH Diploma (DFSRH) are now open. Find out more about our redesigned curriculum and how you can get started on some of your learning.