Redesigned FSRH Diploma (DFSRH) learning journey through our Training

Posted 26 Oct 2020

Date: 26 Oct 2020

Author: Marnie Greenrod

Our redesigned Diploma (DFSRH) is now open for applications. Marnie Greenrod, our education project manager, shares details of our new learning management system – our FSRH Training Hub – and where candidates will access their learning.

You can also read Marnie’s earlier blog which outlines our DFSRH assessments and what to expect.

Our new FSRH Training Hub

We’ve been working hard to develop our new FSRH Training Hub, which has now launched. This will enable candidates and trainers to streamline and improve their learning experience across our FSRH qualifications – from our DFSRH to our Letters of Competence (LoCs). Current members will be able to easily track their recertification dates and record their CPD online.

All learning materials related to our DFSRH will be located on our FSRH Training Hub, making it easier for you to access your learning. This includes access to the DFSRH curriculum, syllabus and assessment templates. Once you have met our entry requirements, successfully applied and enrolled, you will be granted access.

View the journey through our redesigned DFSRH

You will also be able to track your progress and upload assessment templates for sign-off by your primary Faculty Registered Trainer (FRT). All candidate assessments will be tracked and signed off on our FSRH Training Hub.

Access to learning

Within our FSRH Training Hub, you will have access to a range of DFSRH learning opportunities, including:

  • eSRH and other online learning

We have recently launched an updated version of e-Learning for Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (eSRH) to support our redesigned FSRH Diploma and Letters of Competence.

The content has been developed by us, in partnership with Health Education England (HEE), with learning outcomes clearly mapped to our redesigned DFSRH curriculum. You will be able to easily see which sessions relate to your DFSRH assessments.

Potential candidates who would like to get started on some of their learning before our DFSRH launches, can access this now through the Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare (HEE e-LfH) Hub.

  • FSRH clinical standards and guidance

Throughout the DFSRH curriculum and eSRH, we make reference to relevant FSRH standards and guidance which you can use to supplement key topics and your learning.

  • Other learning resources

You will also gain access to a range of other learning resources, including our FSRH webinars and our BMJ SRH quarterly journal. These are important supplementary learning which candidates will have access for the duration of the DFSRH (up to two years).

As well as access to online resources within our FSRH Training Hub, you will also have the opportunity to further your SRH knowledge in a number of ways, including:

  • Independent Learning Portfolio (ILP)

The ILP contains a mixture of self-guided learning, topic investigations, case discussion and patient feedback. Learning undertaken in the ILP is formative but, the submissions made together will create a summative assessment.

  • On the job learning

You will also gain knowledge and experience from your own clinical practice. To capitalise on this, there will be opportunities to reflect on this in the Independent Learning Portfolio (ILP) above.

  • Classroom learning

Any teaching will be formative and at the discretion of our FRTs. Completing the DFSRH is not dependent on classroom learning and any offered is supplementary.

Of course where possible, given the current situation with COVID-19 and social distancing, candidates and their trainers will still be able to have sessions together for both learning and assessment, over the phone or via teleconference.

We are proud of what we have created and feel it will equip our healthcare professionals well in undertaking their roles in SRH.