President's Reflections on our achievements in 2017 in our Annual Report

Posted 29 May 2018

Date: 29 May 2018

Author: Dr Asha Kasliwal President of FSRH

Dr Asha Kasliwal on FSRH's achievements over the past year for the FSRH's Annual Report.

FSRH Asha Kasliwal2017 was my first full year as President of the FSRH and it remains an enormous privilege to lead the largest professional membership body working in SRH.


When I chose to move into the field of sexual and reproductive health from obstetrics and gynaecology, many people advised me against it – it was seen as low status with few jobs. But I could see how important it was – and is – from my experience of treating women.

In so many ways it demonstrates what the future of healthcare should be – community based, services built around the patient, interventions based on prevention not just treatment. Our health and social care systems do, however, need to catch up.

I am delighted that the Faculty is playing an increasingly important role in highlighting the importance of access to contraception and sexual and reproductive health for all. We will not see instant results to this work, not least because of the lack of investment in health and social care.

But we are increasingly hearing policy makers and commissioners talking about the importance of safe and accessible access to sexual and reproductive healthcare, including abortion care.

Of course, influencing is only one part of what the Faculty does. The majority of our resources are spent on developing guidance and standards along with running and updating our education and training programmes.

We are working hard to ensure our qualifications and training can keep up with the needs of the workforce, while retaining the core principles of our ‘vision’ that women and men need to be seen by health care professionals who promote choice and safe care based on recognised national standards.

We are proud that this last year also saw the development of our relationship with the BMJ – our Journal publishers – who are now co-owners with us of the newly launched ‘BMJ SRH’. We have also introduced free webinars for our members based on the application of our excellent FSRH CEU clinical guidance.

This last year has also seen the implementation of a new governance structure. We now have an excellent new Board of Trustees made up of both FSRH members and externally appointed trustees. I very much look forward to working with them, together with the excellent staff team, to take forward our plans in the coming year.

I hope this report enables you to see the work we have done and what we have achieved this year. We will be 25 years old in 2018. Lots to celebrate and a great deal more to do. I hope you will join in the conversation.