Jane Hatfield on FSRH's Education and Training Developments

Posted 02 Jul 2018

Date: 02 Jul 2018

Author: Jane Hatfield - CEO of FSRH

Jane discusses the qualifications and training offered by FSRH and future plans for the FSRH Diploma.

‘Advancing the education and training of healthcare practitioners in the fields of sexual and reproductive healthcare’ has been one of the 3 core charitable objectives of the FSRH since its inception.

Twenty five years on and this remains the area of our work that we invest the most of our time, energy and resources – including from the literally thousands of our members who help to delivery our training and qualifications in some shape or form.

In 2017, over 2000 doctors or nurses were awarded our Diploma or Letters of Competence and many hundreds more took our Special Skills Modules or attended an SRH Essentials course. And we are delighted that we have managed to secure 9 new training places on our specialty training programme for the coming year – in large part due to the influencing carried out by our Officers and committee members.

It is now 5 years since we made any significant changes to our education and training portfolio – it was 2013 when we ‘uncoupled the Diploma and LoCs’, widened Diploma access to nurses and introduced the eKA in order to reassure ourselves that those undertaking ‘General Training’ in contraception at FSRH had some of the necessary understanding and knowledge of SRH before they went on to do LoC or Diploma training.

It is fair to say that the FSRH Diploma still very much lies at the heart of what we do – ensuring that doctors and nurses have the skills and knowledge to carry out an effective contraception consultation underpins much of what is in the FSRH’s vision for SRH care (LINK). We know that to be effective, contraception needs to be offered in a way that encourages and supports choice and that this is not (just) about technique but about how a healthcare professional communicates their knowledge and understanding to a patient.

That is why we have spent the last year undertaking a review of our Diploma – taking on board feedback about how it is to undertake it, reviewing the curriculum to ensure it is up to date and fits the Diploma aims and reviewing the whole Diploma ‘journey’ with the intention of making it easier and more straightforward to access and pay for. We are hoping to introduce these improvements to the Diploma next year and we trust that by doing so we will be supporting our member’s efforts to improve standards in SRH care.

The coming year will also see us reviewing the cSRH curriculum – in line with GMC timescales and processes and work has already started on this. This gives us a fantastic opportunity to further ‘tweak’ our specialty including by listening to the views of patients and users.

We hope many of you will engage with us on these important changes over the coming year and various members of staff and Faculty members will be keeping you updated on our progress.