FSRH Scotland Committee: Introducing Louise Hamilton, your GP representative

Posted 10 Jul 2023

Date: 10 Jul 2023

Author: Louise Hamilton

Introducing Louise Hamilton, your GP representative!

Dear FSRH Members in Scotland, 

My name is Louise Hamilton, your dedicated GP representative on the FSRH Scottish Committee. It is an honour to serve in this role and work alongside you to advance the field of sexual and reproductive healthcare in Scotland. 
As a GP, I understand the unique challenges and responsibilities that come with providing comprehensive healthcare to our patients in primary care.  

I am here to be your voice on the FSRH Scottish Committee, which plays a crucial role in shaping policies, guidelines, and initiatives that influence the provision of sexual and reproductive healthcare in Scotland.  

Together, we can work towards promoting evidence-based best practices, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, and addressing the unique challenges faced by primary care  as we work towards building a stronger and more inclusive sexual and reproductive healthcare landscape in Scotland. 

Get in touch with me

I want hear your concerns and suggestions: your input will enable me to better understand the diverse needs and priorities of our members in Scotland and ensure that these are effectively communicated within the FSRH Scottish Committee  
I am particularly interested in hearing about: 

  • Challenges faced in primary care to provide sexual and reproductive healthcare services. 
  • The ongoing implementation of the Women’s Health Plan 
  • Success stories or innovative approaches in delivering high-quality care; especially in the field of LARC eg inter practice LARC referrals
  • Opportunities for collaboration between primary care and other healthcare professionals. 
  • SRH educational needs and training requirements in primary care. 
  • Strategies to improve patient awareness, engagement, and access to services. 

Please feel free to contact me via email at louise.hamilton2@nhs.scot 

Thank you for entrusting me with the responsibility of being your GP representative on the FSRH Scottish Committee. Let us join forces and work towards creating a positive impact in sexual and reproductive healthcare, ultimately benefiting our patients and communities. 

Warm regards, 
Louise Hamilton, GP Representative, FSRH Scottish Committee