FSRH President: One Year On (Part 1)

Posted 17 Oct 2023

Date: 17 Oct 2023

Author: Dr Janet Barter

Dr Janet Barter reflects on her first year of presidency

As the President of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH), it fills me with immense pride to share the remarkable progress we have made in advancing our strategic goals over the past year.  

Together, we have achieved significant milestones and taken some big strides towards enhancing our services and impact, reaffirming our commitment to championing reproductive and sexual health in the United Kingdom and beyond. I’d like to take a moment to reflect on some key achievements during the last year and set our sights on the exciting future ahead.   

Launch of the new FSRH Strategy (2023-2026)  

It is with great pleasure that we have introduced our new Faculty strategy for 2023-2026, which was approved by the Board of Trustees in July. This strategic plan represents a significant milestone for our organisation as we embark on a journey to maximise our value to you, our members, expand our global professional community, and support and develop the sexual and reproductive healthcare (SRH) workforce. The strategy puts the membership at the heart of all we do, be that through education, guidance, or advocacy.  

This strategy places a strong emphasis on enhancing our education and clinical quality content, ensuring you have easy access to the latest advancements and evidence-based practices in SRH. Through this strategy, we aim to grow our membership and strengthen our partnerships, both nationally and internationally. We are committed to enacting this strategy in a manner that is socially responsible, environmentally conscious, and economically sustainable. The aims recognise that education and clinical quality are of high value to you, and should be core to our organisational priorities, and that advocacy work is key to fulfilling our charitable purpose.  

FSRH Strategy: FSRH Strategy 2023 to 2026

The launch of the FSRH Hatfield Vision taskforce 

The FSRH Hatfield Vision is our flagship campaign to improve the healthcare outcomes of women, girls and all individuals. During 2023 we have taken major strides toward making that vision a reality. With over 50 sector leading organisations supporting our campaign, the launch of our new FSRH Hatfield Vision Taskforce, policy engagement from across the political spectrum and national-level media recognition on key issues in SRH, we’ll continue to advocate for you and for the social and political change you want to see.  

We hosted our inaugural meeting of the FSRH Hatfield Vision Taskforce, which brought together over 40 representatives from leading organisations and groups across healthcare, public health, and the charity sector to discuss how best to realise the Vision’s goals and build consensus on initial priority areas.  

Picture of Dr Janet Barter (FSRH President), Dame Lesley Regan (Women's Health Ambassador) and Dr Michael Mulholland (RCGP Honorary Secretary) at the inaugural Hatfield Vision Taskforce meeting
Dr Janet Barter (FSRH President), Dame Lesley Regan (Women's Health Ambassador) and
Dr Michael Mulholland (RCGP Honorary Secretary) at the inaugural Hatfield Vision Taskforce meeting.

Empowering women: delivering real improvements in menopause training and education

Together, we achieved one of our proudest milestones this year, the development and launch of our family of fantastic menopause educational courses and qualifications. In close collaboration with you and with leading menopause experts, we have developed evidence-based solutions that cater to the unique needs of all individuals experiencing menopause. These products aim to give you the skills and expertise to promote overall well-being during this transformative phase of life. Empowering patients with choices and support remains at the core of our mission, and we will continue to push boundaries in this crucial area.   

The new digital Member Services Team: a gateway to enhanced collaboration

We recognise that providing excellent support to you is vital for our collective success. To this end, we launched our state-of-the-art digital Member Services Team. This ‘digital-first’ contact approach has meant we can engage with you in a more equitable way, ensuring the tens of thousands of queries we receive each year are triaged effectively, with streamlined communication channels, ‘call-back’ options, personalised engagement, and the assistance you need to ensure you can continue to access our unique range of resources.  

We’re proud to support you faster and more effectively than ever before, with 94% of your questions resolved within a reasonable timeframe. We know that getting you the right support when you need it is vital, and we are committed to listening to your experiences to continuously improve how we connect with you.  

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