FSRH President: One Year On (Part 3)

Posted 07 Nov 2023

Date: 07 Nov 2023

Author: Dr Janet Barter

In this feature, I will reflect on how FSRH is looking ahead to make continuous improvements to our membership offer and contribute to a society where high quality sexual and reproductive healthcare is available to all.

The Voice of Our Community: Insights from Our All-Member Survey 

This past year, we took a significant step towards strengthening the bond with you by conducting our first-ever All-Member Survey. This comprehensive survey aimed to gauge your perspectives, experiences, and aspirations, helping us shape the future of FSRH in alignment with your needs. The response from our community was overwhelming, and we are immensely grateful for your active participation.  

You told us about the immense pride you take in your training and educational achievements with over 90% of you saying your qualification had a significant and positive impact on your practice, the value you place on our CEU-approved Standards and Guidelines, and the sense of community you feel in your membership, and much more. However, you also told us where we need to focus going forward, with an emphasis on streamlining and improving your member experience, the pressures you are facing as a workforce, and the need for us to work with you to continue to advocate for high quality sexual and reproductive healthcare for all.  

We will continue with our mission to better support you. If you’d like to tell us more about how we can do this, please share your views on the form here: Your voice matters

All-Member Survey infographic image

Getting involved

Although we are all incredibly busy in the workplace, I would urge you to think about getting involved with FSRH work. You will find a getting involved link on the website which came from a suggestion from one of our Scottish members. It may be that you will think about being part of a committee or working group, becoming an examiner, teaching on courses, or getting involved in advocacy. You could stand for election to Council, as an Officer, or as the next President.  Even feedback as above is incredibly helpful and only takes a few minutes.

For anyone interested in the role of President, there are many reasons why it is such a rewarding one. Individuals do not necessarily need to have served in other Faculty roles to be considered for the position of President.  The role involves making recommendations on clinical and professional issues, whilst also overseeing the work of Committees, including: 

  • Overseeing the Board of Trustees which determines policy and strategy, agrees an annual budget and business plan, monitors procedures for assessing risk, monitors performance, and represents the Faculty externally, nationally, and internationally.  
  • Acts as Chair of Council which is the professional membership body of FSRH, responsible for implementing its mission and contributing its clinical expertise to meeting long-term goals.  
  • Has oversight on education and training, clinical standards and guidance, and admission and removal of Faculty membership.  
  • Working with partner organisations to further the aims of FSRH.

 Paving the Way for a Better Future  

As we celebrate the milestones achieved so far this year, we are also mindful of the journey that lies ahead. Our vision is to support you by being the best membership organisation we can be, empowering you to deliver outstanding clinical practice, and to work together to create a society where high quality sexual and reproductive healthcare is available to all.  With your support and engagement, we will continue to lead the charge in shaping policies, delivering excellence in education and training, transform your member experience, and advocating for equitable healthcare for all. Together, we are moving forward with our shared mission and purpose.    

Thank you for being an integral part of our community and for contributing to changing the lives of service users and patients for the better. Your passion and dedication inspire us all, and I am excited about the path ahead. I look forward to seeing as many as possible of you at our Annual Conference at the end of the year.  

Dr Janet Barter  
FSRH President