FRT Conference - your questions answered

Posted 11 Jul 2023

Date: 11 Jul 2023

Author: FSRH

During our recent FRT conference, we were not able to answer all of the questions that were sent in. It is important that we respond to all of the questions so please find the answers below that have been put together by members of the FRT conference panel, and our FSRH staff.

Question: Is there any progress with the deep implant removal training program the FSRH was piloting sometime ago?

Answer: The work on developing a complex implant removal qualification has temporarily been put on hold due to competing objectives. A tremendous amount of work has gone into developing the FSRH menopause care professional certificate (MCPC) and we hope to soon be launching the menopause care professional diploma (MCPD). Plus we have two on-demand menopause CPD modules which are available via MyFSRH. We are hoping that work on the complex implant removal qualification will resume in 2024.

Question: How can you improve the support for GPs in general practice who are FRTs. It feels so alone with no input from the faculty.

Answer: The FSRH holds two national conferences each year for Faculty registered trainers (FRTs) and General Training Programme Directors (GTPDs). The last conference was in May and the next one will be in December. We encourage FRTs to make regular contact with their GTPDs and we encourage GTPD to hold annual meetings for their FRTs. Training Hub developments being considered include a forum for FRTs for peer support which may help with this.

Question: What is the reasoning behind Physicians Associates not being able to become FRTs and can that be reconsidered?

Answer: Physicians Associates ARE eligible to become FRTs. In order to become an FRT, you must hold the following:

·  Registered with a UK or Irish medical professional regulatory body and have a license to practice if that is required by your regulator.

·  DFSRH, MFSRH or FFSRH. Your membership is current, and you are up to date with recertification.

As well as confirming:

                i.      You have at least 12 months current experience in SRH.

                ii.      You must hold relevant qualification or accreditation in medical education

Question: Can a trainee use a PGD before they have completed the practical training?

Answer: A PGD is not legally valid until it has had the relevant organisational authorisations so this is usually a decision for the organization that authorizes the use of the PGD. The national PGD templates stipulate that:

“The registered healthcare professional authorised to operate under [the] PGD must have undertaken appropriate education and training and successfully completed the competencies to undertake clinical assessment of individuals ensuring safe provision of the medicines listed in accordance with local policy."

Question: Suggested requirement for training would be successful completion of a relevant contraception module/course accredited or endorsed by the FSRH, CPPE or a university or as advised in the RCN training directory. 

Answer: The individual must have undertaken appropriate training for working under PGDs for the supply and administration of medicines. Recommended training - eLfH PGD elearning programme. In addition: “Individuals operating under [the]PGD must be assessed as competent or complete a self-declaration of competence for contraception supply.”

Question: Are there any plans to update the SRH essentials contraception slides re New Pills with - Drospirenone - as the 'rules' are different, and the new IUC guidance?

Answer: We have some updated slides already prepared but do not intend to release them until the Drospirenone pop is available in the UK.

Question: More support for FRTs on how to support trainees attempting the OTA would be useful. I have no idea about the type of questions, or the level so find it really hard to advise them how to approach it.

Answer: As mentioned at the conference, the trainees can access a few test questions when they sign up to the OTA - we are going to find a way to also make these available to FRTs.

Question: Is there a suggested template for an honorary contract? I deliver training in Primary care setting and have not used this before.

Answer: We can’t suggest a template – the honorary contracts are administered by our Trust HR department.

Question: Can Dr Zelin please share the link to that amazing pathway please?

Answer: Please request from Organon or perhaps the service in Liverpool who developed it originally.  

Question: I am struggling to find a Principal Trainer for one of the SSMs/Advanced Qualifications. Any help?

Answer: Over the remaining months of 2023, we will be rolling out our new Find A Trainer Platform. While this will not change the number of trainers we have, it will enable an easier, more robust communication between candidates and trainers.

Question: On the match making site will it be possible to link a training programme as we have multiple trainers and a central organisation process?

Answer: The new platform is designed for individual trainers to match with individual candidates. You can choose what email you use to sign up and can use an administrative email if that is preferred, being sure to enter the details of the trainers into the area titled: Briefly describe your training offering and how it is delivered.