First pharmacist trained in Scotland to insert contraceptive implants in maternity setting

Posted 11 Jul 2023

Date: 11 Jul 2023

Author: FSRH Membership Engagement Team

Scott Brown, Senior Pharmacist Woman’s Health in Ayrshire Maternity Unit, recently successfully undertook training for the FSRH SDI-IO LoC and now provides new mums with a contraceptive implant before they leave the maternity unit.

Scott also represents pharmacy on the Scottish Postpartum Contraception Network. Congratulations to Scott, who comments on his pioneering journey below:

“As Woman’s Health Pharmacist for Ayrshire and Arran I thought it important and beneficial to play an active role in contraception provision.  The LoC SDI IO has given me the unique opportunity to extend my skillset and support the PPC team deliver a crucial service to local women.”

The LoC SDI-IO qualification is open to doctors, nurses and midwives working in the UK or Ireland and are registered and licenced to practice (as necessary) with either the GMC, NMC, IMC, or NMBI. Find out more about our LoC SDI-IO qualifications.

This blog is shared with thanks to the FSRH Scotland Committee.