Being an MFSRH Examiner – a personal reflection

Posted 19 Sep 2023

Date: 19 Sep 2023

Author: Dr Farah Chaudhry

Being an Examiner for the MFSRH is a rewarding role and one I have enjoyed and benefitted from for nearly a decade. It has taught me many new skills and made me more confident in my clinical knowledge as it is constantly being challenged and tested.

Dr Farah ChaudhryI first joined the MFSRH Examiner’s team in 2014 and have since then moved from SBA to EMQ group, become a Convener and an OSCE Examiner.

What made me do it? I viewed this as a valuable development opportunity. I was in the process of applying for my CESR and this presented itself as a perfect opportunity to meet the educational domain requirements. It also made me feel more part of the Faculty community, provided networking opportunities whilst working within a highly skilled team.

The greater question is – why after nearly 10 years I am I still committed to the role?

As an Examiner, my clinical knowledge and critical appraisal skills are constantly being exercised and challenged. To fulfil this role I am required to maintain up-to-date clinical knowledge of evidence-based medicine across the curriculum. This is, for me, without doubt the greatest benefit of being an Examiner as this knowledge is invaluable to my primary clinical role, making me a better clinician.

In addition to this I have acquired greater knowledge of educational theory, standard setting, statistical analysis of exam performance, Royal College and GMC examination regulations.

Being an Examiner is a great source of professional pride and reward - a privilege but also, as a high stakes exam, a great responsibility.

We are a young Specialty and this is an exciting time to get involved, contribute and help shape the future workforce.

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