An update from our recent FSRH Council meeting

Posted 11 Mar 2021

Christine Carter, one of our Diplomate Council member shares an overview of what was discussed at our last Council meeting in February.

I am a Diplomate Council member and this is the fifth meeting that I have had the privilege to attend. The meeting was held via zoom and ran seamlessly. I do miss being in the same room as my fellow Council members but I don’t miss the 5am starts to ensure I arrive in London in time.

At this meeting, we welcomed our interim CEO Subo Shanmuganathan, who is working with Jane Hatfield, CEO. It was lovely to hear how passionate Subo is about the work of the FSRH and how much she is looking forward to working with us in the future.

Updates on wide-ranging FSRH projects

Our CEO Jane Hatfield informed us that the new Diploma and the new Training Hub are now up and running and there have been a high number of qualification applicants. There have also been a high number of applicants for LoCs, even with the COVID-19 pandemic, and this has been very encouraging.

It was exciting to hear that the FSRH working group for climate change is now well established. They have had two meetings and have been working on their priorities and position statement. All of council are looking forward to supporting them and hearing more about their work at future meetings.

Lively debates and interaction

A new addition to the meeting agenda was an incredibly engaging discussion of an ethical dilemma relating to COVID-19 and LARC. This had emerged from a discussion on the FSRH COVID-19 Facebook Group. A very lively and interesting debate ensued. It was fascinating to hear the views of so many experts and to be reminded of how passionate we all are about SRH.

The attendees were also split into breakout groups to look at our Honorary Fellowship process, which Council decides who is awarded each year. The breakout groups enabled us to have more in-depth discussions with our peers.

Finally, Rebecca French, presented an update on the work of the Clinical Studies Group and their work raising the profile of SRH research.

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