An opportunity to make your voice heard and your views count

Posted 21 May 2020

Date: 21 May 2020

Author: Dr Helen Munro

Since taking up the role as Vice President for Membership, I have been leading on a project to find out how FSRH can better engage with you, our members, and vice versa. We want members to be able to engage with Council in a meaningful way; hearing from you directly on the things that are concerning you professionally, educationally and clinically, as an individual and as a service. What questions would you like discussed at Council? What are the issues you would like to hear debated? This is your chance!

Prior to each Council meeting we will publish an overview of the key topics to be discussed. Within the agenda there will be an opportunity for ‘members feedback and questions’ where either myself or another council member will bring your questions, queries or concerns. Please email me directly, or alternatively contact one of the council members who you know already or who is local to your service. 

Below I have provided an overview of the role of FSRH Council and committees which I hope you will find helpful.

Following each Council meeting, we will share a short summary of outcomes on the webpage, included will be a response to your questions. 

What is FSRH's Council?

FSRH’s Council is the professional membership body of the FSRH, responsible for implementing its vision and contributing its clinical expertise to meeting long-term goals and aims. Within Council there is a leadership group of six Officers.

Council is comprised of elected members, co-opted and invited members which includes the chairs of our committees. Council has 12 committees that report into it (see below). Council reports to the Board of Trustees but it also works with the Board on cross-cutting issues.

 FSRH structure

What does Council discuss?

Council meets three times a year. The agenda is developed through discussion between Officers, committee chairs and the senior staff of the FSRH. Sometimes Council is asked to debate and agree new developments, projects or policy positions from a member/professional perspective. It also scrutinises minutes and updates from the committees and discusses issues raised by invited members from organisations including Public Health England and BASHH.

You can find out more about FSRH’s Council members and its role here.