A Few Words from the CEU Team - February 2017

Posted 17 Feb 2017

Date: 17 Feb 2017

Author: Clinical Effectiveness Team

An update from the FSRH CEU Team based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

A belated Happy New Year to everyone from the CEU team for 2017! The CEU had a very productive year in 2016 and work continues steadily on all the planned projects. Everything remains on schedule. We recently uploaded our latest guidelines on ‘Contraception After Pregnancy’ and ‘Drug Interactions’ on the FSRH website and hope that members will find these helpful documents. They are all open access so that the wider SRH community can gain benefit from using the guidelines as an adjunct to clinical practice and they will hopefully also assist service developments across the UK.

In 2016, we received many more requests from the media for information and interviews which we always try to accommodate where possible. The CEU attempts to report the scientific evidence in a balanced way; the overall benefits of using contraception are stressed but we acknowledge the known risks. Unfortunately the media often wants sensational headlines and is less interested in an unbiased view on any subject. The CEU will always support FSRH members who need robust scientific evidence if they are dealing with the media.

The CEU is running the first session at the Annual Scientific Meeting in Cardiff in April 2017. Our session is based on our recently published guidelines and statements but with a very practical perspective. The whole CEU team will be present at the meeting so please do come to this excellent meeting and speak to the CEU clinicians or researchers. If you would like any help with a specific project speak to any of the team during the breaks.

During 2017, we will be working with FSRH on the development of a benchmarking audit project to support members to evaluate their own SRH practice. In addition, we have a comprehensive programme of Webinars planned for the year following publication of new guidelines; what is new and how the guideline they can help support your clinical practice. We were sorry that there were technical difficulties which affected many of you who had registered to listen to the recent ‘Drug Interactions’ webinar; the company organising the webinars are confident they have identified the cause of the problem and it will not happen again.

Our CEU newsletter will be emailed to you every two months, alternating with the FSRH newsletter. In this way we can keep in touch with our progress and let you know of any opportunities that we have for FSRH members to be involved in our work.

Kindest regards from the CEU team.