Dr Sujit Mukhopadhyay

Dr Sujit Mukhopadhyay Dr Sujit Mukhopadhyay is a speciality doctor in SRH in Portsmouth. He also works as an early medical abortion physician for Marie Stopes International, UK.
Having written the first five SBAs in 2015, he has currently banked over 1800 SBA’s and numerous EMQ’s. He is currently the co-convenor for part 1 MFSRH exams and an OSCE examiner on a few occasions.
Sujit has had a career in OBG, having trained in the East Midlands Deanery before moving to Portsmouth to pursue his interest in women’s health and SRH.
He takes a keen interest in teaching and training novice MFSRH question writers. Outside medicine, he listens to soulful music and has an avid interest in understanding abstract art.