Dr Sarah Jarvis

Dr Sarah Jarvis bio

Dr Sarah Jarvis, , MBE, General Practitioner (GP), GP trainer and Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP)

Sarah trained at Cambridge and Oxford universities and became a partner in an inner-city general practice in 1990. She is an active medical writer and broadcaster and is the resident doctor for BBC Radio 2 as well as appearing regularly on Channel 5, Good Morning Britain, LBC and other national and regional news channels. In addition, she is the doctor for Good Housekeeping and My Weekly magazines.

She is also the Clinical Director of Patient Platform Limited, which includes the Patient Access app (used by 8 million UK patients to access their GP and get health information) and Patient.info, a medical information site with over 100 million visits a year.

Sarah has had a lifelong interest in women’s health – her books include A Younger Woman’s Diagnose-it-yourself Guide, Women’s Health for Life and Pregnancy for Dummies. She founded the Women’s Taskforce at the RCGP and was the RCGP Women’s Health spokesperson for over 15 years.

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