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CEO's Office

Please see this article about a change in leadership at the FSRH.

Dr Subo Shanmuganathan

Interim CEO

Subo has held many senior leadership roles having trained initially as a clinical immunovirologist working in HIV and hepatitis. She has worked in a variety of public and not-for-profit organisations ranging from the NHS and Universities, to charities, medical colleges and healthcare regulators.



Helen Davies 

Office Manager & EA to the CEO and President

Helen is the Executive Assistant to the CEO and President of the FSRH. She facilitates the smooth running of Council, trustee and Officer meetings. She is also Office Manager.

She has worked in SRH for many years, having previously worked at the Margaret Pyke Centre.

Helen’s passion is yoga and is currently completing the British Wheel of Yoga Teacher training course. She also loves walking, gardening and generally being in nature.


Education & Training Team


Dr Jo Lawton

Director of Education / Deputy CEO

Jo is responsible for the sustainable delivery of the FSRH education and training portfolio including supporting the E&T Team, Officers and other volunteers.

Jo has a background in science, education and business and uses these skills and experiences to progress the portfolio. In her previous academic career, she gained a PhD from the University of Liverpool and taught undergraduate and postgraduate students biology with an interest in health and welfare. Jo also has experience in research, science communication and technology transfer.

Jo is a trustee of an animal rehoming & welfare charity and is the proud owner of two lovely Labradors – Bronte and Jack.



Iftikhar Ahmad

Education Development Officer (Letters of Competence)

Iftikhar is responsible for the processing of applications, awards and recertification of the Letters of Competence (LoCs). This includes administering new applications as well as recertification of the Letters of Competence in Subdermal Implant (LoC SDI) and Intrauterine Technique (LoC IUT). He is first point of contact for Associate membership enquiries including the OTA as a component of these programmes. 

Iftikhar has previously worked mainly in Non-Profit sector on many healthcare related roles. He has a degree in Management Information Systems and also has a background in database support field.

Iftikhar has a passion for sports and main focus of his interest is in Lawn Tennis and Cricket.



Paul Casey

Education Development Manager (General Training), part-time Mon-Thu

Paul is responsible for the overall management of the General Training Programme. This includes the FSRH Diploma and Letters of Competence. He also manages and supports the General Training Committee and works with colleagues across the Education & Training team on other FSRH qualifications and products.

He has worked in both the statutory and voluntary sectors in a range of roles related to education, training, and accreditation. He has previously worked in sexual health at FPA and THT, being involved in a wide range of projects both within the UK and internationally. His qualifications span different subjects including education, equalities, relationship counselling, music, sexual ethics/bioethics, and phlebotomy.

He has lots of creative interests and has volunteered at Tate where he gave public talks about modern art and sculpture. Other passions include French and Spanish cinema, and cake.


Sophie Collins

Education Development Officer

Sophie is responsible for the development, delivery, and administration of the Essentials Courses, the Online Theory Assessment (OTA), the International Certificate of Knowledge (ICK), the eSRH modules, and the Contraceptive Counselling Course. She also co-ordinates the Faculty Registered Trainer (FRT) Conference. She works closely with our Subject Matter Experts to ensure all products in her varied portfolio are clinically sound, and educationally robust.

Prior to joining the Faculty, Sophie worked across the education sector, developing professional training, and teaching Sex and Relationships Education. She continues to develop her skills and knowledge in this area through a part-time MA in Education and Social Justice.

When not studying, Sophie enjoys performing stand-up comedy as an enthusiastic amateur, exploring the Peak District on her doorstep, and eating food someone else has cooked.


Niall Hamilton

Education Development Officer

Niall is responsible for administration, development and delivery of the membership exams (MFSRH). He works closely across the year with a large team of clinicians to ensure these high stakes papers are challenging, fair and standardised. This has included moving to online delivery for all exams, and the implementation of the new MFSRH Exams based on the updated CSRH.

Previously, Niall has worked in other curriculum development roles across higher education, and within other areas of the public sector, focusing in digitisation and technology enhanced learning.

In his free time, Niall volunteers at a local South London LGBT+ youth centre, house trains his recently rescued Romanian street dog and struggles to keep his ever growing houseplant collection alive.



Fran Hyatt

Education Development Manager

Fran joined FSRH in 2019 and is responsible for overseeing the MFSRH Exams, Special Skills Modules, Essentials training, International and Endorsed training products.

Fran has a background of working in community, voluntary and higher education sectors. Through this she has experience of establishing services and support for volunteers, managing a wide range of projects and developing and delivering training programmes.

Outside the world of work you’ll find Fran at the gym, binge watching her favourite crime dramas.


Rhian Jones

Education Development Officer (Specialist Training)

Rhian is responsible for the administration of specific specialist training, such as the Special Skills Modules (SSMs). Rhian also supports some specialist workforces within sexual and reproductive healthcare, such as Specialty and Associate Specialist (SAS) doctors.

Rhian has a background in science and education and has worked in a range of fields, from immunodiagnostic kit manufacture to education coordination within the charity sector. She is also a certified teacher of English as a secondary language.

In her spare time, Rhian loves to draw, escape into a good book or film, and brush up on her Spanish.



Paige Rogan

Education Development Officer (Diploma)

Paige joined the Faculty in 2017 and is responsible for processing applications and recertification of the Diploma as well as providing support for all eportfolio and Course of 5 queries.

Paige graduated with a BSc (Hons) degree in Psychology and Counselling from The University of Roehampton and has a background with working with many different professionals in a health care setting.

Outside of work, Paige likes to explore the world of Netflix, and lose herself in the many shows that Netflix has to offer. If Paige isn’t in the realm of Netflix, you can find her in the gym, writing short stories or listening to true crime podcasts.


Samuel Yosef

Specialty Development Officer

Sam joined the Faculty in March 2021. In his role he is responsible for the Faculty’s Specialty in CSRH (Community Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare), including the training programme, CESR (Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration), and support to the WDSC (Workforce Development and Strategy Committee).

He graduated with a BA International Cooperation and Development and an Erasmus Mundus MA in European Studies.

In previous roles he has worked as a Senior Project Manager and Trainer on several international educational projects. He specialised in areas including discrimination, racism, community engagement, critical thinking, and migration.

In his free time Sam likes to sing in his local choir, cook, cycle, and go for nice walks and hikes.


External Affairs


Harry Walker

Director of External Affairs

Harry is a communications expert who has specialised in public health policy and the commissioning of vital public services. He joined the FSRH in August 2015 having worked in sexual health for the FPA and Brook as their Policy and Parliamentary Manager.

He also previously worked for Turning Point, a social enterprise which provides services for people with complex needs, including mental health issues, substance misuse and learning disabilities. It is from these organisations that Harry has become a firm believer in early interventions and stemming the onset of intergenerational issues associated with social exclusion and unplanned pregnancy.

Harry absolutely loves both travel and music, and has combined the two, performing in Australasia, Latin America and South East Asia.



Camila Azevedo

External Affairs Manager

Camila Azevedo is External Affairs Manager at FSRH. Camila joined FSRH in 2017 and, prior to that, she worked for an INGO based in Southeast Asia that campaigns for the end of commercial sexual exploitation of children. Camila has a background in communications, PR, policy, research and international development, holding a Master of Science degree in International Development and Management from Lund University, Sweden.

Camila has extensive international experience, having lived and worked in Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean and Southeast Asia. Camila loves traveling, music, reading, cooking and craft beer tastings.

Follow Camila on Twitter @ccaa


T: 020 3794 5309

Catrin Hughes

External Affairs and SRH APPG Manager

Catrin joined the Faculty in May 2021. She is responsible for managing the All Party Parliamentary Group on Sexual and Reproductive Health, which examines issues within sexual and reproductive healthcare in the UK and explores options to improve care through policy and legislative change.

Catrin’s background is in health policy, campaigns and advocacy – working with organisations including patient groups and healthcare coalitions to improve outcomes across a range of conditions.

Outside of work, Catrin can be found running, attempting to finesse her downward-facing dog in a yoga class or cooking any kind of pasta dish.


External Affairs Assistant





Tim Coppard

Finance Director

Tim is responsible for all elements of the finance service, management of the IT service as well as oversight of knowledge management, digital transformation and office management.

Tim is a qualified chartered accountant with a broad range of experience across a number of sectors most recently having held director of finance posts in three housing associations providing affordable homes mainly in London and the South East.

Away from work Tim has been a School Governor serving as Chair for eight years, coached junior cricket, been a Scout leader and currently chairs a Scout Association Executive Committee. He has also volunteered over the last two years at a winter shelter for the homeless.

For leisure its anything from cycling, swimming, skiing, golf and walking the dog as well as spending time with the family.



Krystle Dowding

Finance & Membership Officer

Krystle supports both the Finance and Membership Teams with finance-related customer service.

Krystle has previously worked for The Royal Town Planning Institute and The Institution of Structural Engineers in a similar role.

In her free time Krystle lives by the motto that 'finance is fun'.



Judith Shepherd

Finance Manager

Judith is responsible for the day to day running of the FSRH Accounting functions and liaising with NHS Trust and Account Customers.

Judith is a Chartered Accountant, with experience of working in education, manufacturing, charity and retail companies.

Judith has a BA in French and History which helps steer some of the use of her spare time as she enjoys travel and researching local history.


Membership Engagement


Abby Wright-Parkes

Director of Membership & Marketing

Abby oversees the membership and marketing function the FSRH. Which includes promoting membership and ensuring the experience for members is a good one.

Abby has worked for a number of membership organisations as a consultant and feels lucky to work the ‘world’ of membership.

Outside of work she is a trustee for Grandparents Plus and a mentor for CharityComms. She loves living in London – the world’s greatest City, drinking tea and watching Nordic Noir.



Emma Barrett

Head of Digital Engagement

Emma has worked in membership and education sectors since 2004. At FSRH she works on a continuous programme of improvement and digital development across all teams at FSRH. All with the aim of improving FSRH's digital offer to its members and developing new ways of delivering services and products on digital platforms.

In the past, Emma has worked for several charities and higher education institutions in digital marketing and education management. Prior to that she worked as a qualified teacher for over ten years living in Slovakia, Poland and Singapore. 

Emma holds an Master's in Charity Management, a BA Hons in Social Science, a Higher Diploma in Fashion Design, a Diploma in Graphic Design and Emma is also a qualified TESOL teacher. 

Outside of work, Emma enjoys sewing, knitting, spending time training her cat to do tricks and working on her paddleboard and handstand skills.



Maureen Bell-Smith

Data Manager

Maureen is responsible for the CRM database, ensuring the data is accurate and secure.  She works across all teams at FSRH providing reports, CRM training, identifying and resolving problems, implementing new requirements and generally ensuring the system is up to date and meeting the needs of all users.  


Natasha Petrou

Membership Communications Officer

Natasha is responsible for the member-facing communications at FSRH, including the fortnightly newsletter and social media, making sure that all of our members are kept updated with the most recent news and guidance.

She has six years’ worth of experience in membership communications, audience engagement, and copywriting.

When not getting creative on canva, she can be found playing indie music in small venues across London, or tending to her copious amount of houseplants.



Jyoti Parmar

Events Manager

Jyoti is responsible for managing the FSRH Event Calendar, and works in partnership with a number of other organisations to produce joint conferences, as well as running a range of regional meetings, education and training events, policy events, webinars, and organising the FSRH to have presence at major sector conferences as exhibitors or speakers.

Jyoti previously worked at the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health and was at the centre of the Events Team’s operational delivery of over 80 events throughout the year, including the Annual Conference, Membership and Admission Ceremonies, plus working closely with the senior officers of Education and Training.

Jyoti has a BSc (Hons) Degree in Sociology from City, University of London. She enjoys practicing Bikram yoga and also enjoys her weekly boxing classes.

Jyoti recently completed and passed the APM: Project Management: Introductory Certificate. And has now begun the process of becoming an Associate member of the Association of Project Management to further her professional development in Project & Event Management.



Sarah Upali

Head of Marketing

Sarah looks after FSRH’s membership communications and the marketing of our qualifications, resources and events.

She has over 18 years’ marketing experience covering marketing strategy, content and digital marketing in a range of organisations, from media/publishing to membership. She is also a mentor at The Girls Network. Sarah manages the Communications Officer at FSRH.

She is a mum of two boys, and enjoys listening to podcasts, baking and visiting new places. She has recently started distance running (slowly) and loves it!


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