Our Vision

At a time when cuts to budgets are creating a climate of uncertainty surrounding SRH service provision, the FSRH’s Vision (launched in November 2015) sets out the fundamental principles that should underpin SRH provision for all to ensure that, even at this turbulent time, providers and commissioners are held to account and service users can access high quality SRH as standard.

Developed with and by FSRH members the Vision is designed to demonstrate that good SRH is key to healthy lives - beginning with education and ending with encouraging post-reproductive health and truly reflecting a person’s life course.

The FSRH Vision for sexual and reproductive healthcare


What is our Vision?

Our Vision focuses on three key areas in SRH services:

1. The patient experience - ensuring that patients have access to a full choice of contraceptive methods and can see a trained healthcare professional to discuss the full range of contraceptive options available to them without fear of harassment or stigma

2. A well-trained workforce -making sure that we are ‘vision-ready’ with the optimum skill mix to cater for a wide population demand

3. The importance of integration – establishing clear referral pathways between services so that care can be integrated around the needs of the individual, not institutional or professional silos.

The FSRH vision is not restricted to one care setting – it applies across the health sector where SRH is an element. General practice in particular is acknowledged to have a pivotal role to play in promoting high quality SRH.

How are we going to implement our Vision?

We are currently finalising Implementation Plans that are tailored to the specific needs of each nation in the UK. These will be published over the coming year.

We look forward to working in partnership with all of our members to successfully implement our Vision and provide better sexual and reproductive health care for all.

Read and download a pdf of our Vision below.