How the FSRH is governed

FSRH has four main groups with different roles, responsibilities and authorities for the work of the FSRH;

  • Board of Trustees and its committees
  • Council and its committees
  • President and Officers 
  • Chief Executive and staff 

The role of each of these groups were carefully defined following recommendations made by an independently chaired Governance Working Group following extensive consultation and review. The FSRH Articles of Association were updated in 2017 to reflect these new arrangements.

The aim of these arrangements is to support efficient and effective decision making between the groups that supports the overall charitable aims of the FSRH and its strategy.

About our Board of Trustees

The Board of trustees (‘the Board’) is the body with the legal duty to protect the mission and vision of the FSRH and to ensure that it is run in accordance with legal requirements.

The role of the Board is to provide good governance and leadership by:

  • Determining policy and strategy
  • Appointing the Chief Executive (who is overseen by the Chair of the Board on behalf of the Board)
  • Agreeing an annual budget and business plan and monitoring these
  • Setting salary levels, and agreeing the salary of the CEO
  • Setting and monitoring procedures for assessing and managing risk
  • Taking advice from members, Council, Committees and from specialist advisors
  • Ensuring good communications between the Board, the Council and the membership, and providing feedback on Board decisions and discussions to these groups
  • Monitoring performance
  • Representing the FSRH externally, nationally and internationally when relevant. 

The Board meet 4 times a year. Board members are not remunerated for their Board/trustee work.

Membership of the Board is laid out in the FSRH Articles of Association currently:

  • the President;
  • the Senior Vice-President; 
  • one other member of Council elected by Council (“Elected Trustee”); 
  • the Treasurer (an “Appointed Trustee”);
  • up to 4 persons being Fellow, Members, Diplomates or Nurse Diplomates (“Appointed Trustees”); 
  • up to 4 other trustees (“Appointed Trustees”).

Meet the Board in the tab below.

The Board can establish committees to carry out aspects of its work and are responsible for overseeing the work of these committees. See the details of the board committees on the tab below.

About our Council

Council is the professional, membership body of the FSRH, responsible for implementing its mission and contributing its clinical expertise to meeting long-term goals and aims.

Council have oversight of professional and clinical matters related to SRH and the specialty including;

  • Education and Training 
  • Clinical standards 
  • Clinical guidance 
  • Supporting the leadership and development of the workforce 
  • Ensuring the views of the membership are considered in FSRH discussions
  • Admission and removal of Faculty membership
  • Liaising on such matters with other organisations

All Council activity must be in line with the mission, goals, ethos and values of the FSRH.

The Council can establish Committees to carry out any aspect of its work (once approved in the budget) and Council are responsible for overseeing the work of these Committees. See the link to the Council committees on the tab below. 

Council input into, make recommendations to and advise the Board on clinical and professional issues.

Council members participate in an annual strategy event held in partnership with the Board to review and discuss longer term strategy.

Membership of Council

  • the President;
  • the five other Officers; 
  • one person nominated in writing by the RCOG (“College Nominee”) 
  • up to six FSRH Fellows or Members (“Elected Member”); 
  • up to four FSRH Diplomates or Nurse Diplomates (“Elected member”);
  • up to six co-opted members appointed by the Council (“Co-opted members of the Council”); 

Meet the current council members on the tab below.

All council members and trustees have to sign up to and adhere to the FSRH Code of Governance

View our Council's Terms of Reference here. 

About our Officers

The Officers are elected according to the by-laws and are responsible to Council.


Each Officer has responsibility for a different area of the work of the FSRH. Their roles include:

  • Supporting the President and Council to implement the aims and plans of Council 
  • Overseeing and advising on a specific area of FSRH Council work, ensuring that it is being carried out within the strategic aims of the FSRH and in line with the approved strategy, plans and budget 
  • Ensuring that appropriate reports are made to, and advice taken from, the President, Chief Executive and Council.
  • Monitoring and coordinating the work of their allocated Council committees and committee chairs, including reporting back to Council. 
  • Taking proposals for new pieces of work not in the plans/budget to Council and the Board for approval. 

Officers often also act as spokespersons for the FSRH. 

The Senior Vice President is Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees and has responsibility for chairing Council or Board meetings in the absence of the President.

About our CEO and Staff Team

The Faculty CEO is directly accountable to the Board of Trustees including the Chair for the operational management and performance of the FSRH and to the Council for the delivery, within the governance framework, of the strategic and operational plans related to the charitable objects. The key roles of the CEO are to lead the FSRH staff; to be the key interface between President, Officers and staff, particularly in delivering objectives; and to support the Board in developing strategy.

The CEO reports directly to the President. As the most senior paid official, the CEO ensures that relationships are effective by working closely with the President and Officers and by giving leadership to Faculty staff to carry out the priorities of the FSRH. The Chief Executive is responsible for ensuring that the Faculty’s resources are properly and effectively used within the legal, governance, budgetary and operational frameworks established. The Chief Executive has the final authority to manage these resources (in accordance with Faculty financial policies) on behalf of Trustees and the Council and accounts directly for his or her actions to the President.

Meet the CEO and staff team here


FSRH Committee Structure

FSRH Governance 2020

FSRH Board

Read profiles of our FSRH Trustees

FSRH Trustee Biographies

FSRH Asha Kasliwal 

Dr Asha Kasliwal (Member Trustee)

Chair & FSRH President

Asha is a Consultant in Community Gynaecology and Reproductive Health Care and Clinical Director for the citywide Contraception and Sexual Health service in Manchester and the South Manchester Community Gynaecology service.

Asha’s areas of expertise include community gynaecology, quality of care and clinical standards, support for commissioning, contraception and sexual health services, menopause and hormone replacement therapy.

Asha was the chair of the FSRH Clinical Standards Committee for several years. This committee enables the Faculty to support the provision of high patient centred care by producing clinical standards related to sexual and reproductive health. From September 2014, she was Vice President (Quality and Standards) of the FSRH.

Asha was elected by FSRH Council as FSRH President in May 2016.

  Kate Guthrie

Kate Guthrie (Member Trustee)

Kate started her career specialising in Obstetrics and Gynaecology but her consultant appointment was to establish community based Gynaecology within Family Planning services in Hull. She ultimately led what became the Hull and East Riding Integrated Sexual Health Service, including community gynaecology, abortion, HIV, vasectomy and men’s sexual health care, until she retired from the NHS in 2016. Past responsibilities include being a Faculty Treasurer and Vice President and secondments to the Department of Health and Public Health England. Current responsibilities lie within the charitable sector and for NHS England. She is delighted to be appointed as a Faculty Trustee in such interesting times for public health care. 

Dr Janet Barter FSRH Officer

 Janet Barter (Member Trustee)

Following undergraduate training in Sheffield, Janet switched to obstetrics and gynaecology from GP training after realising from work in UK and West Africa the crucial importance of women’s health.

Training in O&G included endocrinology, fertility, menopause, PMS, menstrual disorders and medical gynaecology, as well as contraception and abortion.

She has expertise in sexual problems work and care of women who have been affected by FGM. During three London Consultant SRH posts Janet has developed clinical and teaching skills across the whole of SRH, and is now Training Programme Director for CSRH in London, and she was Chair of FSRH’s Specialty Advisory Committee. 

 Jenny Heathcote

Dr Jenny Heathcote (Member Trustee)

Jenny has been an SAS doctor (Associate Specialist) in Macclesfield, Cheshire since 1987, and involved with the FSRH since its inception. 

She is passionate about the importance of medical education in delivering high quality patient care and has volunteered in a number of FSRH roles. As Chair of the General Training Committee she was the Clinical Lead for the redevelopment of the Diploma course and worked towards achieving the recognition of nurses as members of the FSRH. She is currently Clinical Lead for the eKA and one of the tutors and organisers of the course for FSRH teachers.

She served two terms as a Member/Fellow representative on FSRH Council and is delighted to be a member of the Board of Trustees and will work to ensure that the FSRH maintains its national and international reputation as a leader in SRH.

 Emmert Robert

Dr Emmert Roberts (Member Trustee)

Emmert is a Clinical Research Fellow in the National Addiction Centre at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience and an Honorary Specialist Registrar in General Adult Psychiatry at the South London and the Maudsley (SLaM) NHS Foundation Trust.

He graduated with a distinction in medicine from the University of Oxford in 2010 and is a member of the Royal Colleges of Physicians and Psychiatrists. He has previously worked as a Research Fellow at the National Clinical Guideline Centre, contributing to national NICE guidance in the diagnosis and management of osteoarthritis, acute heart failure and hepatitis C. During 2012 he worked at the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute in Bermuda conducting research into stigmatisation of mental health conditions in print media.

His is currently undertaking a PhD and his research focus is on drug and alcohol service provision and its impact on hospitalisation and mortality. He has a strong interest in substance misuse, sexual health and the overlap of physical and mental health conditions and is a Diplomate member of the FSRH.

 Tony Thamia

Dr Tony Thamia (Externally Appointed Trustee)

Tony is an ex- Headteacher who has worked for over 15 years in state and private education in North and West London and as such has a good understanding of compliance and the need for clarity.  He has a strong scientific background having studied pharmacology at university and worked for a number of years in scientific administration at the MRC, as well as within pharmaceutical sales prior to going into education. Tony has worked in some very diverse communities and thus brings to the Board of Trustees an understanding of the communities that our professionals serve.  He has experience of working on local authority panels (Schools Appeals Panels) and working with young adults in the community (sports and youth group). He is passionate about giving people the right training, skills and knowledge to ensure they can carry out their tasks to the best of their abilities. This means ensuring that our professionals can offer their expertise to the community as a whole.

 Martyn Booth

Mr Martyn Booth (Externally Appointed Trustee)

Martyn is an information security leader at a FTSE 250 company. He has responsibility for the areas of information security and privacy across the group. He also works closely with the risk team. He's dedicated to making organisations more secure and to implementing governance structures that support the business but also make it more accountable to its various stakeholders. He's been working with senior leadership on security initiatives for over 15 years and has a strong track record of improving the governance of organisations but without inhibiting their business initiatives.

 Treasurer FSRH

Ms Nikki Patel Arjuna (Externally Appointed Trustee)


Nikki has a strong financial services background, managing market-facing roles combined with senior level internal-facing responsibilities. This has recently been complemented by personal and professional experiences in the social and health care sectors.

Nikki has over 15 years’ experience in financial services and is currently working at HSBC, as Director, Head of Portfolio & Analytics for their Balance Sheet Management team for the UK. Previous to her current role, she was MD, Head of International Portfolio Management at State Street Bank & Trust, Global Treasury, where she reported into the CIO and International Treasurer aligning the portfolio with corporate strategy and held various internal governance roles.

Nikki also holds a non-executive board position with Avante, a large social care service provider in the South East; and owns a family residential care business.

Nikki is excited to lend her expertise to the FSRH and be part of a platform where she can make a difference to an important, far-reaching, life-changing cause - as this area of science has traditionally been seen as an area of taboo and addressed mainly behind closed doors hindering the ability to make positive changes; and sees establishments, such as FSRH, making huge strides to bring this topic out into the light in recent years and changing perceptions towards the subject.


 Tony Belfied

Ms Toni Belfield (Externally appointed Trustee)

Toni is a specialist in sexual and reproductive health information (SRH). She has worked in the charitable sector for over 40 years, working with medical and health organisations, policy makers, industry and commercial organisations to improve consumer information, clinical guidance and standards for professionals working in SRH.

Toni was Director of Information for the FPA (Family Planning Association) for many years and was instrumental in developing the FPA information services providing confidential, objective and evidence-guided information to all. She is the author of a number of publications and has presented at national and international conferences and symposia. She has good communication and media skills. Toni has held a number of Non-Executive positions over the years and is also a trained Fertility Awareness teacher. Toni has worked with the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare since its inception providing consumer input and perspective and is an Honorary Fellow of the FSRH.


Stephen Bowen (External trustee)

Dr Emma Manson council member

Emma Manson

Emma has been a GP in Swansea for 24 years. She has been involved in sexual health services both as a GP and in sexual health clinics.

She has an interest in medical education and is a GP trainer and appraiser. She is on the committee of the Welsh Association of Contraception and Sexual Heath (WASCH) which arranges a twice yearly south Wales sexual health update meeting.

Emma has been a long term supporter of the FSRH and will be a voice for general practice in the society. 


 Dr Sylvia Kama-Kieghe Trustee

Dr Sylvia Kama-Kieghe

Sylvia is passionate about promoting women's health and uses her platform as a General Practitioner in Sheffield to deliver care and support to people and their families around their sexual and reproductive health.

To provide much-needed awareness and guidance for women and their families in low and middle-income countries around both general and reproductive health issues, she developed a health information platform, Askawayhealth through which she signposts users to appropriate treatment.

She is an Out of Hours GP supervisor, GP tutor and examiner for the University of Sheffield Medical School. 

Sylvia has been a diplomate member of the FSRH since qualifying as a GP in 2009 and is enthusiastic about working with the Trustee board to promote its objectives, especially in its quest to promote sexual and reproductive health awareness in all UK communities.


FSRH Code of Governance


As a trustee and council member I will:

  • Operate in line with FSRH values, mission and ethos
  • Value the range of country contexts we work within 
  • Work within Nolan's principles of public life: adapted and in summary these are;
  • Selflessness - take decisions solely in the best interests of the Faculty
  • Integrity - not place myself under any financial or other obligation to outside individual or organisations
  • Objectivity - to make choices on merit, evidence and best practice
  • Accountability - be accountable for our decisions and actions, and submit to ourselves to appropriate scrutiny 
  • Openness - be open about decisions and actions we take, restricting information only when necessary 
  • Honesty - declare relevant private interests and take steps to resolve conflicts 
  • Leadership - promote and support these principles by leadership and example.

As a board and council we will;

  • Value and utilise the range of personal and professional skills and expertise and ensure this diversity of skills is our strength 
  • Work together to ensure effective leadership, influence and timely decision making 
  • Ensure consumer voices inform strategy and priorities 
  • Provide leadership and support to the Faculty staff

As a board we will work in line with the national code of good governance, and provide effective leadership and governance by;

  • Understanding our governance role and having clear and defined ways of effective working with Council 
  • Ensuring delivery of organisational purpose 
  • Working effectively as individuals, as a team, with Council and with the staff team 
  • Exercising effective control 
  • Behaving with integrity 
  • Being open and accountable

As a board, council and staff team we will;

  • Provide visible and effective leadership of the FSRH and ensure we are an efficient organisation providing excellent support for our members
  • Support the Faculty in championing SRH, including access to abortion
  • Support and challenge ourselves, each other and our teams
  • Have clear goals and review our performance against these on a regular basis.

FSRH Officers

FSRH Officers

FSRH Officer Biographies

FSRH Asha Kasliwal

President of FSRH (Member Trustee)

Dr Asha Kasliwal, MBBS, FRCOG, FFSRH, MD (O&G)

Dr Asha Kasliwal is a Consultant in Community Gynaecology and Reproductive Health Care and Clinical Director for the citywide Contraception and Sexual Health service in Manchester and the South Manchester Community Gynaecology service.

Dr Kasliwal has driven an ambitious modernisation programme to include a fully electronic health records and a ‘hub and spoke’ model with 5 hubs across the city open 5-6 days a week.

Dr Kasliwal’s areas of expertise include community gynaecology, quality of care and clinical standards, support for commissioning contraception and sexual health services, menopause and hormone replacement therapy. She is currently a specialist member on the NICE committee developing ‘Quality Standards for Contraceptive Services’.

Dr Kasliwal has been the chair of the FSRH Clinical standards committee for several years. This committee enables the Faculty to play a key role in the provision of high and continuously improving patient centred care by producing clinical standards in the field of sexual and reproductive health. From September 2014, she has been Vice President (Quality and Standards) of the FSRH.

Dr Kasliwal was confirmed as FSRH President in May 2016.

Dr Anne Lashford Photo

Vice President: General Training

Dr Anne Lashford BSc, MB ChB (Hons), DCH, DRCOG, DFSRH, MRCGP

I have been a General Practitioner in Wiltshire since 1982 - being a partner in a large (16,000 patients) practice from then until the end of 2012. Since retiring from my practice I have continued to work in a locum capacity in many local practices and also do some Out of Hours work in Wiltshire and on the West Coast of Scotland. I was the Vice Chair of Wiltshire Local Medical Committee from 1996 until 2012.

I have a longstanding interest in all aspects of reproductive health. I obtained the old Family Planning Certificate back in 1980 and subsequently became a foundation member of the Faculty at its inception in 1993. I hold Letters of Competence in Sub-dermal Implants and Intrauterine Techniques and am also a Faculty Registered Trainer. In 2013 I was elected as a Diplomate member of the Faculty Council. Apart from providing SRH services in General Practice I also work in the community clinics of the Wiltshire CaSH service provided by Salisbury Foundation Trust.

I have always had an interest in Obstetrics having obtained the DRCOG in 1980 and provided maternity care, including intra-partum care, thoughout my career in General Practice. I was a member of the local Maternity Liaison Committee for 20 years. Since 1996 I have been involved with Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics in providing training in obstetric emergencies in the UK and abroad and was the Chairman of ALSO(UK) from 2012 until June 2015. I have recently been appointed as a GP assessor to MBRRACE - the confidential enquiry into maternal deaths.

My other medical interest is in the field of sports medicine - I am a racecourse medical officer at various racecourses in South West England and am registered with the British Horseracing Authority.

 Dr Helen Munro

Vice President: Clinical Quality

Dr Helen Munro 

Helen is a Consultant and Clinical Lead in Community Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare within Hywel Dda University Health Board, SW Wales. She is FSRH Vice President (Quality) and has had a varied career to date beginning in Scotland, where she graduated from Dundee University. She completed training in General Practice there, before moving to work in Namibia South West Africa. On her return to the UK she completed an MSc in Public Health at LSHTM before taking up a role in North London within a integrated contraception and sexual health clinic. This is where she found her niche and pursued the CESR route to becoming a Consultant in Community Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare completing in 2017.

Since moving to Wales she has learnt to swim, completed her first open water triathlon and first mountain marathon. 

 Dr Janet Barter FSRH Officer

Senior Vice President: Specialty

Dr Janet Barter

Following undergraduate training in Sheffield, Janet switched to obstetrics and gynaecology from GP training after realising from work in UK and West Africa the crucial importance of women’s health.

Training in O&G included endocrinology, fertility, menopause, PMS, menstrual disorders and medical gynaecology, as well as contraception and abortion.

She has expertise in sexual problems work and care of women who have been affected by FGM. During three London Consultant SRH posts Janet has developed clinical and teaching skills across the whole of SRH, and is now Training Programme Director for CSRH in London, and she was Chair of FSRH’s Specialty Advisory Committee. 

Zara Haider

Vice President:  Workforce Strategy

Dr Zara Haider

Having completed subspecialty training at the Margaret Pyke Centre and a Darzi Fellowship I was appointed Consultant in Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare at the Wolverton Centre, Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in October 2012.

I am the London CSRH Training Programme Director (elect) and Educational Supervisor to a CSRH trainee. I am the immediate past Chair of the FSRH Meetings Committee and past chair of the FSRH Trainees Committee.

Dr Maryam Nasri

Vice President: Membership

Dr Maryam Nasri

Dr Maryam Nasri is a Community Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare consultant and a GP in London. She has worked in primary care as a GP and in contraception as a specialist and while continuing with both roles, has successfully achieved CESR and become a CSRH consultant. For the past 16 years, she has worked in primary care, community settings and acute care with a variety of providers and has witnessed the evolution in SRH over the years.

Maryam started her career as a GP and obtained her MRCGP with distinction in 2006. During her GP registrar year, she obtained her DFFP and developed an interest in women’s health. In 2009, she decided to expand her portfolio and take the MFSRH. In 2014, she set up a LARC clinic, which became a women’s health and sexual health clinic in the surgery, offering all methods of contraception, managing menopause, PMS, PCO and other women’s related issues as well as offering sexual health services to both men and women.

Maryam has also been an FSRH trainer for more than ten years, training a wide variety of healthcare professionals in a range of different settings. She has worked in many services such as menopause clinics, complex contraception clinics, integrated clinics with GUM specialists and as a sexual assault officer.

Her experience enables her to deliver a holistic and life course approach, alongside a broad insight into the delivery of care, patient and clinician needs, in both primary and specialist care.

FSRH Council

Our FSRH Council members are listed below

FSRH Elected Council Member Biographies


FSRH Council is made up of elected Fellows, Members and Diplomats as well as lay people who might be co-opted onto FSRH Council. 

 Cynthia Das

Dr Cynthia Das MB ChB (Sheffield), BSc, DFFP, MRCGP, Pg Dip (Cardiff) (Diplomate Representative)

Cynthia is a GP at the University Health Service, Sheffield since 2009. It is only one of two dedicated university practices in the country entirely focused on a student population. She is passionate about empowering young people to lead healthy and fulfilling lives, irrespective of gender, sexuality or lifestyle.

She is the practice lead in sexual and women’s health and has set up a drop in sexual health clinic providing screening for asymptomatic and symptomatic students. This was short listed for a poster presentation (Improving Access to Sexual Health Services in Primary Care) for FSRH 2020 Annual Scientific Meeting that was due to take place in April 2020.

She is very excited to be elected as a Diplomat council member and is looking forward to contribute to FRSH during these challenging times.

 Catherine Carter

Christine Carter (Diplomate Representative)
(MsC Community Gynaecology, DFSRH)

I am a senior Sister at Umbrella in Birmingham. I am a fully integrated nurse but my main interests lie in contraception and womens’ health.

In October 2019, I will be taking up the post of Gynaecology Governance lead at Birmingham womens’ hospital where I will have the chance to focus even more on Gynaecology and continue to enhance my SRH skills. I am looking forward to being able to learn more skills and to be able to pass on new and existing skills to colleagues for to benefit patients.

My passion is providing integrated care so as much can be done for patients in a single visit as possible. My interest in clinical governance arose from understanding the need to do this without compromising safety or care.

I love that the FSRH offers so much to nurses. I have made the most of all of the opportunities and am keen to make sure the faculty stays relevant to nurses. I encourage all nurses to take up the fantastic opportunities offered.

 Emma Fall

Dr Emma Fall BM MRCGP DFSRH DTM&H (Diplomate Representative)

Emma is a GP based in Poole, Dorset. She is the contraceptive lead for a primary care network which is now the largest single primary care provider in Dorset.

She is passionate about women’s health, a regular coil fitter as well as undertaking menopause training with the BMS.

She enjoys teaching, especially in women’s health and hopes to energise, engage and empower colleagues at all levels in this field.

She has recently set up and oversees the LARC service within the primary care network and is keen to develop and learn from her FSRH colleagues.

Her ambition is to be involved with central policy and disseminate this locally. She particularly relishes the opportunity to connect with a multi-disciplinary team and harness future engagement within sexual and reproductive health.

 Sinead Cook

Dr Sinead Cook (Member/ Fellow Representative)

Dr Sinead Cook is a consultant in Sexual and Reproductive Health working in Grampian Sexual Health Services, with the main clinic being based in Aberdeen. The service serves both urban and rural populations in the North East of Scotland. She recently completed her specialty training in Cardiff prior to taking her consultant post in Grampian. 

She is lead for young people and child protection in the service and is particularly committed to providing SRH services for young people and vulnerable populations. She is very passionate about teaching and training and also SRH internationally, having done various training and research in low-and-middle-income countries.

She has enjoyed previous participation in the FSRH International Affairs Committee, Clinical Studies Group, UKMEC 2016 Guideline Development Group and CSRH Curriculum Review Group.

As a member of Council, she looks forward to continuing supporting the work of the FSRH’s vision of high-quality sexual and reproductive health at every stage of our lives.

 Usha Kumar Council Member FSRH

Dr Usha Kumar (Fellow/Member Representative)

I am the lead consultant for Reproductive Health in a busy integrated sexual health department at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London. I qualified as a specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in 1990 and obtained subspecialist accreditation in Sexual and Reproductive Health in 2003. I am a Fellow of the RCOG and FSRH.

My areas of expertise include contraceptive care for women with complex medical problems and vulnerable, marginalised populations, adolescent gynaecology, gynaecological ultrasound and complex IUD & Implant procedures. I am a Educational supervisor for the CSRH sub-speciality training programme and a Faculty General Training Programme Director.

I am currently the joint clinical lead for a charity funded project ‘SHRINE’ (Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights, Inclusion and Empowerment), aimed at improving SRH service provision for marginalised populations such as people using drugs problematically, those with serious mental illness and intellectual disability in Lambeth and Southwark. 

Nikki Jeal photo

Nikki Jeal (Fellow/Member Representative)

Nikki is currently based in Barnstaple where she is a Consultant in Sexual and Reproductive Health. The sexual health service at Barnstaple serves a largely rural community and is the northern hub of Devon Sexual Health which includes Exeter and Torbay.

She is interested in service delivery to groups who find sexual health services difficult to access despite unmet need. She is hoping to use insights gained during
previous health services research to inform service development for the rural setting.

She was previously a consultant/NIHR Research Fellow in Unity Sexual Health/University of Bristol where she worked with on and off-street sex workers, men using public sex venues, the local women’s jail and as a forensic medical examiner for sexual offences.

She is keen to be involved with the work of the Faculty as it continues to drive up the standards of sexual healthcare and support sexual health services as they navigate the post COVID sexual health landscape.

 FSRH Dr Emma Manson

Dr Emma Manson (Diplomate Representative)

Emma has been a GP in Swansea for 24 years. She has been involved in sexual health services both as a GP and in sexual health clinics.

She has an interest in medical education and is a GP trainer and appraiser. She is on the committee of the Welsh Association of Contraception and Sexual Heath (WASCH) which arranges a twice yearly south Wales sexual health update meeting.

Emma has been a long term supporter of the FSRH and will be a voice for general practice in the society. 


Dr Marion Norbrook MBChB MSc DRCOG MFSRH FRCP(Fellow/Member Representative)

Marion is a Specialty Doctor in Sexual Health at the Wolverton Centre for Sexual Health, Kingston Hospital NHS Trust and an Early Medical Abortion Physician at MSI Reproductive Choices. She is the SAS Clinical Tutor for her Trust and previous South London HEE SAS Chair.

Marion’s areas of interest include LARC and she holds the letter of competence for IUC and sub-dermal implants. She leads on undergraduate teaching and sexual health simulation in her department.

As SAS Tutor she has experience in supporting doctors through CESR and running development programs for SAS. Marion is interested in global SRH and gained further experience in this field whilst studying an MSc in reproductive and sexual health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Marion looks forward to representing members and offering her broad experience of SRH to support and champion the FSRH at a national level.

 Dr Manisha Singh FSRH

Dr Manisha Singh (Fellow/Member Representative)

Manisha is Consultant in Community Gynaecology and Sexual Reproductive Health in Leeds since 2008 as well as Honorary Senior Lecturer at University of Leeds.

She leads the Community Gynaecology service and her areas of interest include complex contraception & LARCs, adolescent gynaecology & sexual health and menopause.

Manisha is a keen educator and trainer and is involved with undergraduate and postgraduate education. She is CSRH Educational Supervisor and Training Programme Director for Yorkshire & Humber.

She is the chair of Faculty Workforce Development & Support Committee and is committed to the wider workforce needs and ambitions of the multi-disciplinary workforce.

 Charlotte Porter Elected member FSRH

Charlotte Porter (Fellow/Member Representative)

My interest in sexual health began in Liverpool, and I subsequently worked in Edinburgh, Bristol and Oxford, completing a CCT in obstetrics and gynaecology before undertaking top up training in community gynaecology.

I have been a consultant in community sexual and reproductive healthcare (community gynaecology) since 2001, working both in primary and secondary care. I have experienced first-hand how the changes in commissioning and service integration have affected those practising in the specialty.

I have been a specialty trainer since 2002 when I set up a sub-specialty programme in Nottingham and I am now a TPD for East Midlands and Yorkshire and the Chair of the specialty advisory committee at FSRH.

FSRH Full List of Current Council Members



Asha Kasliwal (President)
Janet Barter (Senior Vice President Specialty)
Helen Munro (Vice President Clinical Quality)
Zara Haider (Vice President, Workforce Strategy)
Maryam Nasri (Vice President, Membership)
Anne Lashford (Vice President, General Training)

Elected Members Fellow/Member Representatives

Usha Kumar
Sinead Cook
Charlotte Porter
Nikki Jeal
Marion Norbrook
Manisha Singh

Diplomate Representative Members

Christine Carter
Emma Fall
Cynthia Das
Emma Mason

Observers to Council

Eddie Morris, President, RCOG

Invited members

Scotland - Vacant
Wales - Helen Bayliss
Northern Ireland - Eveane Cubitt


Sue Mann - Officer for Health Improvement and Disparities (OHID) Representative
Sophie Nicholls - SAS Lead
Victoria Tzortziou-Brown - RCGP Rep
Robbie Currie - Commissioner

FSRH Committees

View more information on FSRH's Committees and their work below

FSRH Council Committees


FSRH has a number of management committees which manage various areas of the FSRH business plan and which support the setting and implementation of the annual strategic goals.

FSRH's Committees are as follows, click on each of the links to read more about each of the committees and the work that they do for FSRH:

Education Strategy Board

General Training Committee

Specialty Advisory Committee (SAC)

Assessments and Curriculum Committee

International Committee

Clinical Standards Committee

Clinical Effectiveness Committee

Exams Committee

Special Skills Module Group

Events Committee

Scotland Committee

Wales Committee

Northern Ireland Committee

SRH Clinical Studies Group 


FSRH Trustee Committees


There are two trustee committees.

Investment and Finance Committee

Appointments Committee