FSRH Strategy

Our charitable objectives:

  • To advance medical knowledge concerning sexual and reproductive healthcare
  • To advance the education and training of healthcare practitioners in the fields of sexual and reproductive healthcare
  • To promote and maintain high standards of professional practice within the fields of sexual and reproductive healthcare. 

All the work of the Faculty must fit within these objectives and is all designed, ultimately, to improve SRH-related care for patients/the community. 

Our Vision

Effective, accessible sexual and reproductive health for all.

This vision is underpinned by our document ‘Better Care, a Better Future’: A New Vision for SRH care in the UK’. This describes how we think SRH needs to be improved and carried out across the life course to ensure that accessible, open access SRH care is available to all who need it.

There is an illustration from this vision which shows what we mean by SRH across the life course.

 SRH across the life course

Our Purpose 

To support and train healthcare professionals to provide high quality contraception and sexual and reproductive health.

We work to ensure that our 15,000+ doctor and nurse members are well trained and supported to provide evidence-based, high quality SRH-related care in all health and social care settings.

Our Strategic Goals for 2017-2019:

Strategic Goal 1: To promote high standards of clinical practice through the provision of quality education and training to healthcare professionals delivering SRH care in the UK and internationally.
Strategic Goal 2: To increase recognition among policy makers and commissioners/planners of the importance of SRH to women and men over their life course.
Strategic Goal 3: To improve standards in SRH.
Strategic Goal 4: To strengthen and develop leadership in SRH.
Strategic Goal 5: To strengthen and modernise the FSRH.

We draw up annual plans and a budget linked to these strategic goals which are approved and monitored by our trustees. We also publish an annual report to show the progress we are making.

We are currently reviewing our organisational strategy to ensure that we will continue to be as effective as possible over the coming years. We have consulted our members and a wide range of stakeholders as part of this process to ensure we are accountable and transparent about our plans and benefit from a range of views.