FSRH is 25 this year

Championing sexual and reproductive health choices for 25 years - we're 25 years old this year

It's our 25th anniversary this year, and we have lots of activities planned across the year to celebrate and highlight the importance of sexual and reproductive health.

We'll be sharing stories from our founders - and members - looking at the ways we have supported SRH across the past, present and future. 

Asha Kasliwal, our FSRH President, shares her thoughts on the last 25 years and our vision and plans for the next 25 years. Read Asha's blog here

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How can you get involved to help us celebrate?

Support our #FSRH25 campaign and share why sexual and reproductive health is important to you

For this special year, we would like to reach as many people as possible to help raise the profile of SRH and the important work of our members. As part of this, we would love you to share what SRH means to you. All you need to do is:

1. Take a photo
You can download a printed template with a range of messages or a blank version with space to write your own message. Simply print out in A3 or A4 size and take a photo of yourself holding the sign. 

Download printed templates
Download blank templates

2. Share your photo
We want all our members and supporters to get involved. Post your photo on Twitter or Facebook, using our #FSRH25 hashtag.

Don't have a Twitter or Facebook account? 
Email your photos to marketingmanager@fsrh.org and we'll post this for you through our own social media accounts.  

#FSRH25 Staff and Officers 

Collage of Members and Staff #FSRH25 

FSRH Officers, Volunteers and Staff celebrating 25 years of FSRH #FSRH25