Our 25th Anniversary in 2018

Championing sexual and reproductive health choices for 25 years

It was our 25th anniversary in 2018 and we celebrated in a number of ways to highlight the importance of sexual and reproductive health. Here's some of the activities we took part in. 


Our #FSRH25 campaign

Using the hashtag #FSRH25, we asked our members, committees, staff and supporters to share why sexual and reproductive healthcare is important to them. We provided templates and encouraged our community to share photos to help raise the profile of SRH. 

We had a fantastic response - below is a selection of photos we shared through our social media channels. 

#FSRH25 Staff and Officers 

Collage of Members and Staff #FSRH25 

FSRH Officers, Volunteers and Staff celebrating 25 years of FSRH #FSRH25

History of the FSRH from conception to present day

We produced a detailed history of the FSRH with contributions from our founders. Written by Dr Lindy Stacey, it covers our history from conception to the present.  Download it at www.fsrh.org/FSRHhistory

Blog content

Asha Kasliwal, our FSRH President, shared her thoughts on the last 25 years and our vision and plans for the next 25 years. Read Asha's blog here


Anniversary video highlights

We produced a visual timeline with key events and dates across 25 years of the FSRH. Watch our short video below.