Specialty Advisory Committee (SAC)


The role of Specialty Advisory Committee (SAC) is to contribute to the development of specialist training policy around sexual and reproductive healthcare (SRH) as it affects the specialty and the delivery of specialist training to standards set by FSRH and the General Medical Council (GMC).


The SAC meets quarterly per annum, its membership includes Doctors, Training Programme Directors, Educational Supervisors, Trainee representative(s), Patient/public involvement representative(s), the Postgraduate Dean for CSRH (or deputy), Chair of CSRH Assessment and Curriculum Committee (ACC), and FSRH Officer representation from the Vice President (Specialty).


The Specialty Advisory Committees achievements for 2017


Continued funding for training posts in Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare across the four regions (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland)

  • Advertising for nine CSRH training posts across England & Scotland. 
  • Establishing our first Academic Clinical Fellowship (ACF) post here in London 
  • Revamped our recruitment review process with the introduction of the Specialty Recruitment Assessment (SRA) exam 
  • Had two successful CESR-CP trainees & one CCT trainee complete their CSRH training


The Specialty Advisory Committee’s plans for 2018

  • To progress the CSRH curriculum review as part of the GMC 2020 Curriculum Review project
  • To progress/influence the number of CSRH trainee posts and the number of CESR applications
  • To promote the Specialty training programme to policy makers and commissioners /managers 
  • To improve the way the FSRH supports specialty trainees and new consultants in SRH
  • Work with BHIVA and BASHH to support mentoring of new consultants in CSRH
  • To ensure that any suitable products meet the GMCs Excellence by Design standards when reviewing/developing our portfolio.

Specialty Advisory Committee Members 2018

  • Dr Janet Barter – CHAIR
  • Dr Catherine Schunmann (Chair of the Assessment and Curriculum Committee)
  • Dr Najia Aziz (Training Programme Director)
  • Ms Toni Belfield (Patient Consumer Representative)
  • Selena Gray (Lead Dean for CSRH)
  • Dr Ailsa Gebbie (Training Programme Director)
  • Dr Antje Ischebeck (SAS rep)
  • Dr Kulsum Jaffer (Training Programme Director)
  • Dr Diana Mansour (Training Programme Director)
  • Dr Louise Massey(Training Programme Director)
  • Dr Tracey Masters (Vice President, Specialty)
  • Dr Lucy Michie (Co-Trainees Chair) 
  • Dr Katie Boog (Co-Trainees Chair) 
  • Dr Pauline McGough (Training Programme Director)
  • Dr Sharon Moses (Training Programme Director)
  • Dr Charlotte Porter (Training Programme Director)
  • Dr Helen Ribbans (Training Programme Director)
  • Dr Julia Shefras (Training Programme Director)







FSRH Staff

  • Vinet Campbell (Specialty Development Manager)
  • Mitesh Chauhan (Specialty Officer)

Contact Mitesh Chauhan, Committee Administrator with any questions regarding the committee and committee work at specialtyofficer@fsrh.org 020 7724 5187


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