Special Skills Group

The Group is responsible for producing and administering Special Skills Modules (SSMs).To date five Special Skills Modules have been produced: Local anaesthetic Vasectomy, Menopause Care, Ultrasound, Abortion Care and Foundation Sexual Problems

Key achievements in 2015:

  • Update of Abortion care Module
  • Update of Abortion care Theory Course DVD
  • Update of whole Menopause Module
  • Completed Development of an Ultrasound Theory Course specific to SRH
  • Currently under Development: Adolescent Sexual Health SSM
  • Review of all applications and logbooks for all SSMs by Module Guardians

Chair: Dr Antje Ischebeck

Module Guardians

Module Guardian (Abortion Care): Dr Patrica Lohr
Module Guardian (Menopause): Dr Marian Everett
Module Guardian (Ultrasound): Dr Paula Briggs
Module Guardian (Vasectomy): Dr Kay McAllister
Officer: Dr Tracey Masters
Trainee Representative: Dr Katie Boog (kplaydoh@aol.com)

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