Special Skills Group

The Special Skills Module Group is responsible for managing the FSRH Special Skills Modules in Abortion Care, Menopause, Vasectomy, and UItrasound.

The committee is made up of four Module Guardians (one for each Module), the Head of the Group, the FSRH Education Development Manager and the FSRH Officer with responsibility for this area. It meets three times a year.

In 2017, the group decided that Module Guardians will no longer examine trainee logbooks, as signoff will be the responsibility of the primary trainer.

The group also continued to update the SSM Logbooks to keep them in line with current standards and guidance.

In 2018, the group intend to consider the FSRH’s role in training registered SSM Trainers, and will continue keeping the Module Logbooks up to date.

2018 Committee Members

  • Antje Ischebeck: Head of the Special Skills Module Group
  • Patricia Lohr: Abortion Care Module Guardian
  • Paula Briggs: Ultrasound Module Guardian
  • Kay McAllister: Vasectomy Module Guardian
  • Tonye Wokoma: Menopause Module Guardian


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