Scotland Committee

FSRH’s Scotland Committee aims to promote the Specialty of SRH in Scotland by providing clinical leadership in SRH; contributing to local, regional and national policy development and implementation, and sharing good practice and challenges between members and to practitioners. It aims to provide FSRH with an understanding of the Scottish context and to promote the work of FSRH in Scotland. The Committee meets twice a year, and provides support and information to FSRH members via social media and other communication channels.


Scotland committee’s key achievements in 2019

  • Supporting FSRH’s Annual Scientific meeting in May in Edinburgh.
  • Undertaking survey of FSRH members in Scotland.
  • Continued promotion of SRH and FSRH interests in Scotland through engaging with key stakeholders including Scottish Government Ministers, civil servants, and other key politicians. Highlights include Ministerial visit to WISHES clinic, NHS Lothian, and appointment of Scotland’s Committee Chair Dr Alison Scott as Medical Advisor for Women’s Health to Scottish Government.
  • Continued input to, and support of, Cross Party Group on Sexual Health and BBV and Cross Party Group on Women’s Health.
  • Successful recruitment of GP and trainee representative to Scotland Committee.
  • Significant expansion of social media presence for FSRH Scotland – with an increase of 82% in Twitter followers since 2018.

Objectives for 2020


Objective One: Inaugural joint event with FSRH Scotland Committee and the Scottish arm of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) = – Women’s health and heart disease: missing a beat?


  • Event planned for May 27th in Stirling. Open to all obstetrics, gynaecology, SRH and primary care colleagues. SRH clinicians are uniquely positioned identify those at risk of heart disease (and other risks e.g. gender based violence) and refer them onwards. Closer working with cardiology could improve their awareness of contraception and sexual and reproductive health, improving health outcomes for women.

Objective Two: Continue to encourage member engagement


  • GP and trainee representative now recruited to committee. Nurse representative post re-advertised.
  • Committee now reflects membership rather than geographical representation of sexual and reproductive healthcare clinics.
  • Member newsletter planned for twice year (next due March 2020)
  • Planned blog on FSRH website on Scotland Committee activities and impact.

Objective Three: Continue to engage with politicians and civil servants to ensure that women’s sexual and reproductive healthcare remains on political agenda


  • Dr Alison Scott now working as medical advisor to Scottish Government on implementation of Women’s Health Plan one day a week, and will ensure that this is synergistic with FSRH Strategy to 2025 and with FSRH’s Plan of Implementation for SRH in Scotland.
  • Committee Attendance at Cross Party Groups on women’s health; sexual health; commercial sexual exploitation and human trafficking.
  • Input to new Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus Framework Strategy for next 5 years

Objective Four: Support June conference organized by IRESH and HIV Scotland on ‘Sex, Drugs and Scotland’s Health’ which celebrates the Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus (SHBBV) Strategy of the last 10 years


  • Rosie Ilett (External Affairs consultant in Scotland) on organizing committee, representing women’s health.

FSRH Scotland Committee is comprised of the following members:

Alison Scott (Chair) NHS Lothian
Hame Lata (Vice Chair) NHS Highland (Remote and Rural representative)
Pauline McGough NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
Ruth Holman NHS Ayrshire & Arran
Anne McLellan NHS Lanarkshire
Olga Diaz-Morales NHS Forth Valley
Heike Gleser NHS Tayside
Maggie Gurney NHS Dumfries & Galloway
Susan Brechin NHS Fife (TPD representative)
Sally Wielding NHS Borders (GU representative)
Andy Ma NHS Lothian (GP representative)
Janine Simpson NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (Trainee representative)


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