International Committee

The aim of the International Committee (IC) is to translate and promote FSRH resources to an international audience to support them in their delivery of high-quality sexual and reproductive healthcare.

Our global work

Our International Committee has produced an international strategy, which forms part of our three year organisational plan. We recognise that access to high-quality sexual and reproductive healthcare (SRH) is a human right, and that globally there is a high unmet need for contraception. The IC has initiated numerous programmes, such as the FSRH Contraceptive Counselling Free Online Course and the establishment of SRH International, which mark significant progress in our educational pursuits.

Moreover, their series of workshops and seminars have been pivotal in fostering a global exchange of knowledge and stimulating discussions among healthcare professionals. They are a partner in the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (RCOG) 'Making Abortion Safe Programme'. They are at the forefront of advocacy efforts, highlighting the profound implications of climate change on sexual and reproductive healthcare and striving to integrate sustainable practices within the sector globally.

Integral to their mission, the International Committee has been meticulously reviewing and revising our Essentials courses to ensure they are inclusive and relevant for an international constituency. They recognise the diverse needs of different regions and are committed to providing content that resonates with and is accessible to healthcare practitioners globally. This dedication extends particularly to low- and middle-income countries, where they not only share these resources but also actively facilitate their delivery.

Their aim is to empower local healthcare professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to provide comprehensive, culturally sensitive, and high-quality care in the field of sexual and reproductive health.

International Committee Members

Members biographies

Dr Chelsea Morroni

Dr Chelsea Morroni, Chair of the International Committee

Chelsea is an SRH doctor and epidemiologist, with 25 years’ experience living and working in Southern Africa. Her clinical-research focus is improving women and girls’ sexual health in lower-resource/high-HIV burden settings.

She is a Chancellor’s Fellow in Global SRH at University of Edinburgh-MRC Centre for Reproductive Health, a Research Associate at the Botswana Harvard AIDS Institute Partnership, where she directs the Botswana Sexual and Reproductive Health Initiative (BSRHI), and an Honorary Professor at University of Cape Town, South Africa.

Chelsea advises African ministries of health, consults for UNFPA, WHO and IAS, co-directs the FSRH Clinical Effectiveness Unit and provides clinical SRH care. In 2022, Chelsea was awarded an Honorary Fellowship of the FSRH. 

Learn more about BSRHI here.

Rachel d'souza

Dr Rachel D'souza

Rachel is an SRH consultant at CNWLondon, including the Margaret Pyke Centre. She is passionate about improving the provision of effective SRH care internationally, particularly in resource-poor countries, by increasing support and effective training for local healthcare providers. 

Although most of her work has been UK-based, she has also worked in healthcare settings elsewhere, including Hong Kong, Uganda and Nepal. Through these opportunities, she gained an understanding of global healthcare needs and the importance of working with both local, national and international organisations. 

Simphiwe Sesane

Simphiwe Sesane

Simphiwe Sesane is a Contraception and Sexual Health Nurse Consultant.

From 2012 to date, Simphiwe has worked as a Nurse in Sexual and Reproductive Health & HIV Services, with a passion for Women’s Health. She has been active in Health Education, Clinical Research and Domestic Abuse Liaison Support.

Simphiwe has collaborated with global partners to facilitate clinical education, that centred around shared learning. She has a special interest in Contraception, Menopause and improving Sexual and Reproductive Health access for marginalised and vulnerable groups like young people.

Simphiwe prides herself with the ability to empower women with choice, also transforming and protecting women.

Dr Anna Graham

Dr Anna Graham

Dr Anna Graham is a Community Sexual and Reproductive Health (CSRH) doctor at King’s College Hospital, London. Anna is passionate about improving universal access to sexual and reproductive healthcare and has spent a number of years working abroad in Serbian refugee camps where she developed and delivered a sexual and reproductive health education programme. Anna also works as an author and editor for the Global Library of Women’s Medicine (GLOWM).

Neda Taghinejadi

Dr Neda Taghinejadi

Neda Taghinejadi is a doctor working in sexual and reproductive health based in Oxford. She is also an academic clinical fellow at the University of Oxford. Her research focusses on improving patient experiences with gynaecological procedures including insertion of intra-uterine contraception. Neda has previously worked with the FIGO and WHO to support global educational programmes in contraception.

Professor Sharon Cameron

Professor Sharon Cameron

Professor Sharon Cameron is a Consultant in Gynaecology and Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) and Professor at the University of Edinburgh. She has extensive clinical research experience and collaborates internationally (Sweden, Australia, Canada, USA, Hong Kong). 

Professor Cameron serves on expert groups internationally including the steering committee of the World Health Organization expert group on family planning and  chairs the Science and Education Committee of the European Society of Contraception. She is former president of the International Federation for Abortion and Contraception Professionals. She has previously worked In France.

She is Editor in Chief of BMJ Sexual and Reproductive Health, an international journal.  

Maryam Narsi

Dr Maryam Nasri, FSRH Vice President of Membership

Dr. Maryam Nasri has served as the Vice President for Membership at FSRH since 2021. In her role, she ensures that the FSRH consistently supports its diverse membership base. Beyond her principal responsibilities, she oversees both the events sector and the international committee. 

Since joining the FSRH team in 2021, Dr. Nasri has collaborated closely with the international committee, membership team, and education team, fuelling the growth of the SRH professional community both in the UK and abroad. Driven by the faculty's vision – "High-quality SRH for all" – she aspires to champion this mission on a global scale. 

In just a year, her efforts have enriched international membership. The Faculty now has two international representatives and has launched its new diploma in two countries. Her impactful contributions were evident in the success of the first post-Covid Annual Scientific Meeting, which saw international members participating both physically and digitally. This event has set the stage as a global platform for innovative research and networking. 

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