International Affairs Committee (IAC)

The aim of the International Affairs Committee (IAC) is to translate and promote FSRH products to an international audience to support them in their delivery of high quality sexual and reproductive healthcare.

The committee is made up by a series of different members, such as doctors and nurses, all of which are current FSRH members. The International Affairs Committee meet four times a year.

IAC projects include:

  • Development of an Open Access online contraceptive counselling course
  • Working in Botswana to deliver FSRH training
  • Supporting the development of an international certificate of knowledge 
  • A joint conference with the Royal Society of Medicine focused on the challenges and opportunities of contraception

The committee is made up of ten members all of which are FSRH Members.

  • Chair: Paula Baraitser 
  • Katherine Gilmore 
  • Maggie Gurney 
  • Julia Hogan 
  • Anne Connelly
  • Sarah Randall 
  • Nicola Morgan
  • Kirsten Black
  • Ramona Malek
  • Tonye Wokoma

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