General Training Committee (GTC)


The General Training Committee (GTC) is responsible for the development and maintenance of training programmes to meet the needs of doctors and nurses who work in general practice, community and integrated sexual health services.

The GTC’s training programmes include the FSRH Diploma, Letter of Competence in Intrauterine Techniques (LoC IUT) and Letter of Competence in Subdermal Contraceptive Implant Techniques (LoC SDI). These are viewed as the ‘gold standard’ nationally by commissioners and employers and have been accredited by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) and Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP). The committee has responsibility for quality assurance of its programmes, their supporting materials and associated recertification programmes.

In partnership with Keele University it has developed a Postgraduate Course in Medical Education for Diplomates (DFSRH/NDFSRH), Members and Fellows who wish to become FSRH Registered Trainers (FRTs) for the Diploma and LoCs. Training is delivered within a network of General Training Programmes (GTPs) led by a GTP Director and the committee has responsibility for the ongoing training and update of its FRTs and support for its GTP Directors and the FSRH Regional Training Advisors (FRTAs).

Dr Kate Armitage became Chair on 1 January 2016. GTC has three subgroups each led by a Vice Chair.

Committee’s Achievements to date and Plans for 2016 

In 2015 the GTC initiated a review of the learning outcomes for training at basic, Diploma and advanced levels. As a result, it developed the SRH Essentials programme and ran four pilots around England for practice nurses. 

It reviewed and updated all the training documents and supporting materials for its programmes and completed an options appraisal for the LoCs.
Quality assurance of the eSRH and eKA was maintained, with a psychometric analysis of the eKA undertaken. RCN and RCGP accreditation for the FSRH Diploma and LoCs was retained. 

In partnership with Keele University it delivered two residential courses for the Postgraduate Award in Medical Education (SRH) in London and Glasgow and four one-day medical education update courses for its FRTs in venues in London and Birmingham. It provided an update on GTC work at the FRTA’s annual meeting and delivered a 1-day conference in London for its GTPDs.

Many of the 2015 themes will continue to be addressed this year. The SRH Essentials course syllabus and supporting materials will be finalized for launch in the second half of 2016. The committee will also take forward the outcomes of the options appraisal exercise for the LoCs.

One of the challenges for 2016 will be to review and revise the FSRH Diploma to increase accessibility without compromising quality. The committee will continue with its programme of review and timely updates of eSRH and eKA in line with clinical guidelines and CEU guidance.

Committee Members 2017


  • Dr Lucinda Farmer (Committee Chair)
  • Dr Anne Lashford (Officer Representative)
  • Ms Hayley Berry (Pharmacist Representative)
  • Dr Ella Keevash (Vice Chair LoC Subgroup)
  • Dr Susanna Leung (Vice Chair Diploma Subgroup)
  • Ms Susan Richardson (Nurse Representative)
  • Mrs Kate Shakeshaft (Nurse Representative)
  • Dr Joanna Speedie (CSRH Trainee Representative)
  • Ms Jenny Greenfield (nurse representative)
  • Dr Rachael Ellks (BASHH representative)
  • Dr Rebecca Mawson
  • Vacant (RCGP Representative)
  • Dr Sarah Pillai
  • Dr Kathryn Clement

 Please note, there is currently a committee vacancies for the General Training Committee for a CESR trainee. Please read more and apply online. The deadline to apply is 31 August 2017.

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