General Training Committee (GTC)

The FSRH General Training Committee (GTC) is responsible for the maintenance, development and recertification of a number of qualifications and courses including:

  • The Diploma 
  • The Letters of Competence (LoC) 
  • SRH Essential for Practice Nurses
  • eSRH (online learning) and other products.

The committee is responsible for reviewing and supporting programme related Faculty Registered Trainers (FRTs), General Training Programme Directors (GTPD) and Faculty Regional Training Advisors (FRTAs).

Dr Rebecca Mawson (GP) General Training Committee Member
'Being part of the GTC offers me an amazing insight into training needs and barriers for providing sexual and reproductive health in the UK and further afield. I have had chance to meet people with huge amounts of experience and understanding about sexual and reproductive health which helps feed into my research and clinical job. I can offer a voice from general practice and also put health inequity on the agenda for the faculty.'

In 2017, the GTC highlights include:

  • Initiation of the Diploma review project 
  • Introduction of new LoCs in Sub Dermal Implants 
  • Delivering a number of SRH Essentials courses across the UK
  • Delivered a successful GTPD/FRTA conference 
  • Maintenance of qualifications and courses

In 2018, the GTC aim to achieve:

  • Progression of the Diploma review project 
  • Increase engagement with and support to those involved in delivering the qualifications 
  • Adapt SRH Essentials for other healthcare professionals 
  • Maintenance of qualifications and courses

The GTC is managed by the Education Development Manager (General Training) and administered by the Education Development Officer (Diploma).

Members include:

  • Dr Lucinda Farmer (Committee Chair)
  • Dr Anne Lashford (Officer representative)
  • Ms Hayley Berry (Pharmacist representative)
  • Dr Ella Keevash (Vice Chair LoC Subgroup)
  • Dr Susanna Leung (Vice Chair Diploma Subgroup)
  • Ms Susan Richardson (Nurse representative)
  • Mrs Kate Shakeshaft (Nurse representative. SRH Essentials Lead)
  • Dr Jenine Bignall (CSRH Trainee representative)
  • Ms Jenny Greenfield (Nurse representative)
  • Dr Rachael Ellks (BASHH representative)
  • Dr Rebecca Mawson (GP)
  • Dr Sarah Pillai (GP)
  • Dr Kathryn Clement (SRH consultant)
  • Dr Jenny Heathcote (eKA Lead) 
  • Dr Aisling Baird (eSRH Lead) 
Kate Shakeshaft's Profile (Nurse Representative, SRH Essentials Lead)

I have worked in Sexual Reproductive Healthcare since 1995, spending 20 years working for Brook providing a service for young people and now working in General Practice providing CASH clinics in Primary care across Birmingham and Solihull. 

I was fortunate to be part of the original pilot for the PGA in Med Ed (SRH) in 2013 and that is when I had the opportunity to become more formally involved in training. I applied to join the General Training Committee so that I could be part of a team of SRH experts that believe passionately in SRH Education for both Doctors and Nurses. 

It has been an amazing opportunity to influence the development of SRH Education. As Chair of the SRH Essentials I have been able to lead on this exciting project currently for practice nurses. We are now looking at increasing the course syllabus and supporting materials so that we can support the FSRH in its vision to improve patients experience to ensure that they have access to a full choice of contraceptive options provided by a trained healthcare professional. 

I would encourage anyone who has a passion for Education and improving SRH to apply to be part of this "team", they are the most fabulous bunch of committed, hardworking, knowledgeable and dedicated individuals, many of which have now become personal friends.

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