Examinations Committee

This committee is responsible for the development and administration of the MFSRH examination (Parts 1 and 2, and the Evidence Based Commentary – EBC). 

Key achievements in 2015:

  • Produced two Part 1 exams, a Part 2 and EBC 
  • Finalised domains for Part 1 exam 
  • Trialled OSCE domain marking   
  • Train and update examiners to enable their understanding of and use of recent developments 
  • Examiner Conference, session with OSCE domain markers prior to OSCE 
  • Appointment of SBA question writers and training them   
  • Align the CPD credits to appropriately reflect the work of examiners    
  • Implemented a system of examiner performance management. 

Chair: Dr Aisling Baird 

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