Events Committee

The FSRH Meetings Committee roles are varied and all related to education. The committee aims to support the FSRH and its membership by providing high quality educational events.

The committee members represent a range of sexual and reproductive healthcare backgrounds. The following are the responsibility of the FSRH Meetings Committee:

  • Planning and evaluation of three national FSRH conferences per year for continuing professional development (Current Choices, joint FSRH/BASHH meeting and Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM)). Conference agendas are based on current hot topics and feedback from previous meetings and speakers are selected and briefed. Members of the committee judge abstracts, posters and short presentations for the Annual Scientific Meeting 
  • The Margaret Jackson Student Essay prize – designed to encourage the sexual health writers of the future, entries are judged by the committee in conjunction with a representative from the FSRH Journal 
  • To encourage delegates to attend sexual health related meetings, where study leave budget is unavailable, the committee awards funds from the Sheffield 4-0-8 Fund 
  • A representative from the Meetings Committee attends FSRH CEU guideline writing groups and contributes the questions at the end of the guidance

FSRH Meetings Committee achievements in 2015 and plans for 2016:

The Meetings Committee created the agendas for the three FSRH national meetings of 2015: the joint FSRH/BASHH meeting at The Royal Society of Medicine, London; The Annual Scientific Meeting at the Royal College of Physicians in Edinburgh; and Current Choices at Kings Place, London. All three meetings were full to capacity and were very highly evaluated. The agendas for the joint BASHH/FSRH and ASM 2016 were devised. The Margaret Jackson Essay Prize was judged out of 37 entries and the winning title was ‘Attention All Males – Three Ways to Improve Your Sperm Count’ by Usmaan Halim. In December 2015, a representative from the committee attended the Post Pregnancy Contraception guideline writing group in Edinburgh. Applications for membership of the committee resulted in three new members joining for our first meeting of 2016. Throughout 2015, Sheffield 4-0-8 fund awards were given to worthy applicants.

2016 will be another busy, productive year for the Meetings Committee. Agendas for the ASM and Current Choices meetings will be finalised, speakers invited and session chairs selected. Abstracts for the ASM must be judged and with representatives from the FSRH Clinical Studies Group, the committee will select abstracts that are suitable for short oral presentations and those that are suitable for posters from a mixture of trainee and qualified authors. Agendas for the joint FSRH/BASHH and ASM 2017 will be devised and circulated. Applications have been invited for the 2016 Margaret Jackson Essay Prize and these will be judged and the prize awarded later in the year. A representative from the Meetings Committee will attend the Emergency Contraception guideline writing group in May 2016 and the Sheffield 4-0-8 fund will be awarded to suitable applicants throughout the year. We aim to recruit a new SRH doctor member to the committee this year.

Committee Members Names:

  • Chair: Zara Haider (SRH Consultant)
  • Sadiya Ayaz (GP Representative)
  • Mel Gardner (GP doctor)
  • Jenny Greenfield (Nurse Representative)
  • Janet Michaelis (SAS doctor)
  • Priyanka Patel (CSRH trainee)
  • Anne Connolly (Officer Representative)

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