Education Strategy Board

The overall aim of the FSRH Education Strategy Board (ESB) is to provide strategic direction to the Education and Training Programmes of the FSRH and to advise Council on this.

In particular it will: 

  • ensure all FSRH training/educational programmes/developments are joined up and where required standardised.
  • monitor and ensure a timely delivery of workstreams.
  • act in an advisory role to FSRH training/educational programmes/developments including to advise on issues that should be raised with Council and the timing of this.
  • help to shape the vision for education and training at the FSRH 
  • ‘horizon scan’ new developments externally in education that may impact on – and provide opportunities for – FSRH education programmes 


Committee members will automatically include the following roles; the chairs of Specialty Advisory Committee, General Training Committee, Exams Committee, Special Skills Module Group and International Affairs Committee.

The Board will have the facility to co-opt members with special expertise on a short or longer-term basis as required.

The Board will be co-chaired by the Vice-President (Specialty) and the Vice President (General Training)/Honorary Secretary.

The current membership of the Board is as follows:

  • Co-Chair: Tracey Masters, Vice President (Specialty)
  • Co-Chair: Anne Lashford, Vice President (General Training)/Honorary Secretary
  • Aisling Baird, Exams Committee Chair
  • Paula Baraitser, International Affairs Committee Chair
  • Janet Barter, Specialty Advisory Committee Chair
  • Jane Dickson, Officer responsible for Equivalence/CESR
  • Lucinda Farmer, General Training Committee Chair
  • Antje Ischebeck, Special Skills Module Group Chair
  • Wendy Moore, Nurse member
  • Shelley Raine, Nurse member
  • Catherine Schunmann, Assessment and Curriculum Committee Chair

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