Education Strategy Board

The Education Strategy Board (ESB) reports to the FSRH Council and is responsible for overseeing the FSRH’s Educational & Training portfolio including qualifications, courses and online resources. It takes a broad view of Education & Training and works closely with the E&T team and committees to prioritise areas of work and consider progress.

The Board meets three times a year and is co-chaired by the VP for Strategy. The board as a whole work closely with the Education and Training Team, and are administered by one of the Education Development Officers.

  • Zara Haider, Vice President Strategy (Chair)
  • Nicky Morgan, Chair, International Affairs Committee
  • Charlotte Porter, Chair, Specialty Advisory Committee
  • Cindy Farmer, Chair, General Training Committee
  • Antje Ischebeck, Chair, Special Skills Module Group
  • Anne Lashford, Vice President General Training 
  • Janet Barter, Vice President Specialty 
  • Indhu Prabakar, Chair, Exams Committee
  • Catherine Schunmann, Chair, Assessments and Curriculum Committee
  • Fiona Dickson, Nurse Representative

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