Contraception Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) in conjunction with the James Lind Alliance (JLA)

About the Contraception Priority Setting Partnership

The goal of the Contraception Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) is to create – by democratic consultation- a ‘Top 10’ priority list of research uncertainties for contraceptive care, put together by patients, their partners and clinicians. FSRH hopes this ‘Top 10’ will help guide researchers in answering questions that are equally important to all people affected by contraceptive care. It is an invaluable opportunity to work collaboratively with patients and clinicians to set pertinent research priorities which otherwise might have been overlooked by researchers themselves or the pharmaceutical industry.

The initiative is being overseen by the James Lind Alliance (JLA) who have developed a robust process that brings together patients and clinicians to identify and prioritise their questions for research. This process involves launching a survey for patients, partners and clinicians to identify their top research priorities and holding a series of collaborative prioritization workshops to whittle the survey results down to a ‘Top 10’. 

The Contraception Priority Setting Partnership’s Plans for 2016 

By mid-2016 the Contraception PSP hopes to have closed its survey and be in the process of prioritizing its results. The Steering Group will then run several Prioritisation Workshops where clinician, patients and partners will come together and choose their top ten research priorities by consensus. The end of 2016 will hopefully see an agreed ‘Top 10’ research priorities list for contraceptive care that will be taken to commissioning bodies and considered for funding in 2017.

The Contraception PSP will be led and managed by the following individuals.

Patient representative/s:

  • Sue Burchill (Brook)
  • Alexandra Filby ( RCOG Women’s Network)
  • Katherine Green (RCOG Women’s Network)
  • Natika Halil (Family Planning Association)
  • Annemarie Nicholson (Independent Patient Representative)

Clinical representative/s:

  • Sharon Cameron (SRH/GUM Consultant, co-director of the FSRH’s Clinical Effectiveness Unit University of Edinburgh)
  • Anne Connolly (GP, Bradford NHS Trust, Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Chair of the Primary Care Women’s Health Forum)
  • Emma Collins (Senior Sister and Practice Development Lead, Sexual Health, Royal Sussex Hospital)
  • Tracey Helliwell (Advanced Nurse Practitioner )
  • Bethan Jones (UCL Medical Student
  • Jill Shawe (Specialist Sexual and Reproductive Health Research nurse, University of Surrey)
  • Judith Stephenson ( Margaret Pyke Professor of Sexual and Reproductive Health at UC, honorary NHS Consultant in women’s health and public health at UCLH and North West London Foundation Trust)

The Partnership and the priority setting process will be supported and guided by:

Katherine Cowan, The James Lind Alliance (JLA)

Administrative support and coordination of activities:

Camila Azevedo

Data management, refining questions and uncertainties:

Jane Thomas


Dr Asha Kasliwal

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