Clinical Standards Committee (CSC)

The Clinical Standards Committee produces and updates subject specific standards to guide clinical governance across all services mandated by commissioners. These standards are applicable to individual clinicians as well as services and seek to ensure high quality patient care is delivered as standard. They are designed to be a minimum standard that services themselves can build upon to produce best practice.

Whilst the CSC’s main responsibility is to review and update all FSRH Clinical Standards, it also reviews and offers guidance on all aspects of appraisal, revalidation and performance procedures as specified by appropriate regulatory and professional organisations e.g. the General Medical Council. In addition, the CSC works collaboratively with other colleges, faculties and professional membership bodies to work towards the standardization of practice.


The CSC is also charged with responding to national consultations on behalf of FSRH. The committee responds to consultations, such as those on quality standards produced by NICE, to ensure FSRH have a seat at the table when it comes to influencing national policy on service standards and quality.

The Clinical Standards Committee’s Achievements to date and Plans for 2016

In 2015 the CSC successfully completed several Service Standards for Consultation Skills, Consent and Confidentiality and started to update the Service Standard for sexual and reproductive healthcare services. The CSC welcomed a FSRH revalidation representative onto the committee and consulted on CEU guidance, as well as consulting on BASHH standards for outreach services. In addition, the CSC responded to individual member enquiries about standards and fed back into NICE consultations.

This year the CSC are going to review the Standard for Resuscitation (in conjunction with the Resuscitation Council) and the Standard for Workload whilst finalising the amalgamated Service Standards for sexual and reproductive healthcare services. The CSC also hope to continue their input into CEU guidance. Finally, the CSC will continue to feedback into national consultations, the one watch this year being the NICE Quality Standard for Contraceptive Services.


Committee Members Names:

  • Dr Helen Munro (Committee Chair)
  • Dr Mayada Abu Affan
  • Dr Vivian Iguyovwe 
  • Dr Ailsa Gebbie (CEU Representative)
  • Dr Lynne Gilbert (Vice Chair)
  • Mrs Michelle Jenkins (Nurse Representative)
  • Dr Diana Mansour (Ex-Officio)
  • Dr Louise Massey (Revalidation Representative)
  • Dr Jo Hoddinott (Revalidation Representative) 
  • Dr Sarah Millar (Trainee Representative)
  • Dr Minal Bakhai (GP Representative)
  • Dr Dianna Reed
  • Dr Alan Tang (BASHH Representative)

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There are currently no vacancies on the Clinical Standards Committee.

Meet the former Chair: Dr Jane Dickson, CSC Member, 2008-2016


Jane Dickson FSRH Committee ChairDr Jane Dickson started on the Clinical Standards Committee back in 2008 as a General Member. Since then she has taken on the Vice Chair role and is now very proud to be CSC Chair. We asked Jane a few questions to find out more about her role and the work of the committee. 

Why did you join the Clinical Standards Committee?
I joined the Clinical Standards Committee in 2008 after I left General Practice in 2005 to pursue a career in my real passion, SRH. Quality and standards are fundamental to all of our clinical work and a great mentor at the time suggested that I would have a lot to contribute to the CSC having worked across both SRH and General Practice. 

How has being on the CSC helped you professionally and personally? 
My time on the committee has enabled me to perform comprehensive literature reviews and explore new research areas. In particular I have led on a lot of work around supporting revalidation for SRH doctors and resuscitation in community settings. 

I love the way it’s a real team effort on the CSC - more experienced members of the committee are always willing to support other members with their work and help each other develop. Being on the committee also helped me think more widely about publishing articles in the FSRH Journal. 

The committee also allows its members to work in partnership with other committees in the FSRH and also external partners, which is great for establishing new professional relationships. Each member of the committee takes it in turns to represent the committee as part of the authorship of the Clinical Effectiveness Unit’s Clinical Guidance and I particularly enjoyed being the FSRH representative assigned to BASHH for the production of their STI standards. There are also opportunities to respond to National Guidance e.g. NICE Standards. 

How does your work on the CSC help FSRH achieve its wider organisational goals? 
As FSRH outlines in its Vision principles, all SRH care should be guided by and managed to clear, robust and consistent standards. With this in mind, the CSC’s work to develop and maintain standards of care is crucial in ensuring that high-quality practice is maintained by all providers of SRH. Ultimately, the CSC is here to support the FSRH membership and help FSRH realise its Vision of high-quality SRH that is accessible to all.  

What would you say to anyone thinking about applying to be on the CSC? Serving on the Clinical Standards Committee is a wonderful opportunity to work in a supported team, develop clinically and improve quality. It definitely helped me with networking in my days as a new SRH specialist and undoubtedly provided me with plenty of evidence to submit to the GMC as part of my successful application for CESR.


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