Clinical Standards Committee (CSC)

The FSRH Clinical Standards Committee (CSC) produces and updates subject specific standards to guide clinical governance across all Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) services.

These standards are applicable to individual clinicians, as well as those managing or commissioning SRH services. They are designed to ensure high quality patient care is delivered as standard and are built upon available clinical evidence and best practice examples. Auditable outcomes are integrated within the standards for practicable application and benchmarking.

The work of the committee has a broad range of impacts, including contributing to improving patient experience and ensuring both the present and future SRH workforce are well trained.

"Sitting on the committee as a trainee representative has been a fantastic learning opportunity and an excellent way to keep up-to-date with what the faculty is up to. I particularly enjoy the team work across geographical and organisational boundaries."
Dr Savita Brito-Mutunayagam (Recent Trainee Representative)

Committee members

  • Mr Mike Passfield (Committee Chair)
  • Dr Helen Munroe (Ex-Officio)
  • Dr Vivian Iguyovwe (Speciality Representative)
  • Dr Emma Pearce (Speciality Representative)
  • Dr Catherine Bateman (Speciality Representative)
  • Dr Clare Searle (Primary Care Representative)
  • Rosemary Gordon (Nurse Representative)
  • Dr Madeleine Crow (Trainee Representative)
  • Dr Minal Bakhai (Primary Care Representative)
  • Dr Tony Feltbower (Revalidation Representative)
  • Dr Eric Chen (CEU Representative)
  • Chelsea Moroni (CEU Representative)

FSRH Staff Members

  • Lorna Kelly –
Helen Munro - Vice Chair
When you think of Clinical Standards you probably don’t jump with excitement. You may even switch off. But as any health professional will know standards are key to our working lives; protecting our patients and making sure the services we deliver are of the highest quality, safe and based upon sound clinical evidence. Love them or hate them, we need standards!

The reason that I joined the Clinical Standards Committee at FSRH was because I was keen to get more involved with the charity. Having had a “varied” career to date I had finally fallen in love with SRH and had found within co-FSRH members, and colleagues that I met at FSRH conferences, a group of like-minded people enthused by the world of coils, pills, patches and providing safe effective sexual and reproductive health care to all. 

By being part of the CSC I feel that I am helping to support my colleagues in SRH, by providing them with easily accessible and readable standards, which are relevant to the doctor or nurse on the ‘shop-floor’. We are very proud within the CSC that our documents are seen as the “gold standard” when thinking about managing or commissioning an SRH service.

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