Clinical Effectiveness Committee (CEC)

The Clinical Effectiveness Committee oversees FSRH’s Clinical Effectiveness Unit (CEU), which works to promote evidence-based clinical practice. The unit has 4 main work streams: evidence-based guidance (including the review and update of the UK Medical Eligibility Criteria); members’ evidence request; new product reviews and clinical audit/research.


The committee also liaises and works collaboratively with the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) and other professional organisations on issues of clinical practice. In addition, the committee prepares briefings for FSRH Council on emerging issues at the forefront of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (SRH).


Such outputs contribute to SRH services, which are centred not only on optimising patient access to a choice of sexual and reproductive healthcare methods but are also staffed by a well-trained workforce. Access and training are essential parts of the Faculty vision.


Current Committee Members

  • Dr Farah Paruk (Committee Chair) 
  • Dr Diana Mansour (Officer)
  • Ms Toni Belfield
  • Dr Rachel d’Souza
  • Dr Deepa Grover (BASHH Representative)
  • Ms Natika Halil (FPA Representative)
  • Dr Sean Perera (eSRH Representative)
  • Ms Janet Dearden (Nurse Representative)
  • Dr Ashley Jenkins (Trainee Representative)
  • Dr Amy Reimoser (GP Representative) 
  • Dr Elaine Monaghan (Specialty Doctor Member)
  • Dr Jenny Heathcote

Staff Members at FSRH

  • Alanna Wurm -
Ms Shelley Mehigan's profile (Former eSRH Representative)

I joined the CEC committee because I wanted to take a more active part in the FSRH and I was interested in the work of the CEC in particular. In addition, I had been invited to join one of the guidance development groups and this piqued my interest. Over the years this has led to involvement in all aspects of guidance development, including UKMEC, and, later, joining other committees.

My work on this committee has been stimulating and I have valued feeling a part of the wider FSRH community. I have been involved in a number of initiatives over the years which have enhanced my skills and knowledge in SRH. On a personal level it has been a privilege to meet and work alongside so many other dedicated professionals from all walks of SRH life. I feel certain that this also gave me the confidence to become more involved on a wider scale such as being one of the UK representatives on the ESC, including a stint as the first non-doctor Vice President.

One particular passion of mine has been encouraging more nurses to join and become part of the work of the FSRH and I feel I have managed to achieve this.

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