Appointments Committee

This is a new standing committee accountable to the Board of Trustees. Its key aim is to assist the Council and Board of Trustees with the appointments and selection processes for which they are responsible. In particular the committee is responsible for appointing trustees at the FSRH in accordance with our Code of Good Governance and charity/company Articles. 

The Committee was established in 2017 to oversee the appointment of the new Board of Trustees which came into effect in January 2018.

Its role is to determine and maintain procedures and guidelines for methods of appointment to roles, committees and other groups.
In particular it will make recommendations to Council on suitable candidates for

  • President
  • Vice- President (s)
  • Chairs of the Standing Committees of the Board of Trustees and Council 
  • Independent members of the Board of Trustees 
  • FSRH members of the Board of Trustees
  • CEO
  • Co-opted members of Council

Eligibility for these posts is set out in the FSRH Articles, By-laws and in individual role descriptions for key posts.

The membership of the Appointments Committee will be at least four members, two of whom will be trustees with one of these being a lay trustee (once lay trustees are appointed).

The Chair of the Committee shall be appointed by the Board of Trustees

Non-trustee Faculty members or non-members may be members of Appointments Committee and these persons shall be appointed by a resolution of the Trustees.

The membership of individual appointment panels will be determined by the main Appointments Committee. Appointment panels may include non-members of the main Appointments Committee or non-members of the Faculty but at least one trustee must be a panel member.

The members of an appointments panel will remain the same during a single appointments process but different members may form panels for different appointments.