FSRH Annual Review 2023

2023 in review​

Gary and Janet“2023 has proven to be a water-shed year for the FSRH.​ This year we’ve listened to what you’ve told us and reshaped our strategy around your priorities.​ Throughout the year we’ve remained focused on our goal of ‘putting the membership at the heart of everything we do'. This means ensuring we’re easier to deal with, more relevant and better value in the training we provide, that we’re flexible in supporting your needs, and that we take meaningful action on your priorities. ​

Together, we’ve raised the profile of sexual and reproductive healthcare, delivered new and more relevant training and education, campaigned on the issues that matter most to you, launched our new strategy built around your needs, and behind the scenes we have been working hard to modernise and improve every aspect of your member experience. Next year we’re excited to be rolling out these improvements to you.​

As we move into this new era for the FSRH, we’re mindful of the achievements of the past 30 years, and excited about our ambitious programme of renewal and growth.​ Thank you for everything you have done to support our mission of high-quality sexual and reproductive healthcare for all, and being part of this incredible community of 14,000 SRH professionals."

Dr Janet Barter
President, Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare 

Gary Waltham
Chief Executive Officer 

Highlights of the year

A new strategy for a new era

In September we launched our new strategy, putting you, our members at its heart, and setting out an ambitious agenda for change, growth and impact. ​

A community reunited

2023 saw a return to in-person events, with our highly successful Annual Scientific Meeting in Glasgow, and most recently, our Annual Conference in London. We were delighted to see our community come together again for the first time since the pandemic.​

Celebrating your achievements

This year we recognised the incredible achievements of the sexual and reproductive healthcare community with our “30 years of clinical excellence” campaign.​

Impact, influence, advocacy

Our FSRH Hatfield Vision campaign remains the cornerstone of our advocacy work; and this year we brought an alliance of over 50 sector-leading organisations together to amplify your voice on the issues that matter most to you.

Education and Training in numbers in 2023

Central to our mission is the provision of quality, relevant professional learning and development to a range of multidisciplinary healthcare professionals, so they can provide the vital healthcare to women, girls and all individuals. ​

annual review education data

Excellence and Innovation in 2023

We know your goal is to deliver excellent sexual and reproductive healthcare to your patients. This year we’ve focussed on ways to help you get the knowledge and skills you need, more effectively than ever before. ​

  • We've successfully piloted new and innovative ways to deliver several of key courses and assessments, supporting access to learning and progression through your qualification journeys. ​
  • We've introduced the online delivery of Assessment Half Days, Essentials courses and other learning events. ​
  • Piloting the use of the Find-A-Trainer software to help connect potential candidates and trainers on our advanced level qualifications, with a view to scaling up to other key qualifications. 
cindy farmer“Throughout the year we’ve innovated in the training we deliver and in the way we deliver it – with much more to come in 2024. It’s all about ensuring you have the skills and confidence you need to carry on delivering outstanding care, at every level.”​

Dr Lucinda Farmer​
FSRH Vice President, Professional Learning and Development

cpd graphicSupporting your Continued Professional Development in 2023​ 

Supporting the CPD of our members is at the heart of what we do. In 2023 we significantly improved the range and depth of our CPD offer to you. ​

  • Introduced On-Demand CPD sessions via our Training Hub supporting you to study and up-skill at your own time and pace.​
  • Increased the number of Hot Topics learning events with hundreds of clinicians attending each event.​
  • Responded to member feedback to deliver Saturday CPD events
  • Offering hybrid conferences including the highly successful Annual Scientific Meeting in Glasgow, and the Annual Conference in London, helping to bring together your community to hear the latest developments in the field. 


Delivering better menopause care in 2023​

This year we’ve worked hard to bring a number of menopause programmes to our members and others, boosting knowledge and skills with the aim of improving outcomes. 

The FSRH comes to life​​

This year we have seen an incredible increase in engagement across the many ways we connect with our members and our wider audiences. ​

  • Our website has been viewed 1.99m times over the past 12 months, up 68% on the same period last year, where it was viewed 1.18m times.​
  • More and more of you are engaging with us on social media, with our followers growing at a rapid rate, and more of you connecting with your community online than ever before, with a 240% increase in Facebook reach and a 362% increase in Instagram reach compared to last year.​
  • We’re proud to have won the coveted Memcom Award for best use of AI and data with our innovative free “Bitesize” video resources on IUD removal, using the latest technology to provide high quality training resources to clinicians.​
  • In 2023 we also launched SRH On-Demand: Our suite of learning options designed to enable you to upskill in key areas, at your own pace, on your own terms, at a time convenient to you, and available world-wide.​
  • As a result, 80% of you rated our communications as being good or very good on our annual member survey. 
maryam nasri“Members really are the driving force of the FSRH; I’m so proud that we’ve been able to work together as a truly global professional community to support each-other, support our patients and speak with one voice on the issues that really matter.”​

Dr Maryam Nasri​
FSRH Vice President, Membership

annual review

Towards a best-in-class member experience

You’ve told us that being easy to deal with, and helping you get the content and support you need when you need it, is of paramount importance. So, this year we’ve taken action on your priorities:​

  • Delivering our first Annual All-Member Survey to understand what is most important to you and updating our strategy to deliver a better member experience.​
  • Implementing instalment payments when you renew by direct debit, splitting your member fees into ten affordable payments spread across the year.​
  • Launching our new Member Support fund to ensure members in financial difficulty can continue to get the training and education they need to continue to deliver outstanding sexual and reproductive healthcare.​
  • Continued with our digital transformation, with a redesigned and simplified website, enhanced member portal and a host of other improvements with much more to come.

Celebrating your achievements

You, our members, are at the heart of everything we do. Our goal is to be the best membership organisation we can be; and part of that is celebrating your achievements and promoting the incredible work that you do.​

  • This year we have looked back on thirty years of clinical excellence, highlighting the incredible contributions you have made to ensure women, girls and all individuals receive the high-quality sexual and reproductive healthcare they need.​
  • In 2023 we also continued our FSRH Nurse Spotlight campaign, highlighting the vital work of nurses in delivering sexual and reproductive healthcare.​
  • We’ve celebrated the vital role played by pioneering figures such as Elphis Christopher, with our new FSRH Elphis Christopher Annual Award, highlighted the role played by SAS doctors, supported undergraduates and much more. ​
  • We’re proud to be your membership organisation, and we’re determined to carry on celebrating the vital work that you do everyday. 
helen munro“You’ve told us that high quality, peer-reviewed standards and guidelines are vital for your work. We’re continuing to ensure you can depend on the clinical quality  support you receive from the FSRH; as well as always seeking to improve the research we deliver.” ​

Dr Helen Munro​
FSRH Vice President, Clinical Quality
Zara Haider“From the workforce ‘deep dive’ in the All-Member Survey to our new Workforce strategy, to key campaigns like SAS Week; 2023 has been all about understanding you better, so we can support you better.”​

Dr Zara Haider​
FSRH Vice President, Workforce

High-quality sexual and reproductive healthcare for all

This year the FSRH Hatfield Vision went from strength to strength. As our flagship campaign to support high-quality sexual and reproductive health for all, this vital initiative is already raising the profile of your field: ​

Working to support you in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland: ensuring we’re there to advocate for you, our members, and your service users across the UK and beyond.

This year we: 

  • Secured the establishment of safe access zones around abortion clinics in Northern Ireland, and continued advocacy efforts with partners on this issue in England and Wales.​
  • Meetings with influencers in Scotland including the Women’s Health Champion for Scotland and the Minister for Public Health and Women’s Health in the Scottish Parliament.​
  • Regular meetings with influencers in Wales including, the Minister for Health and Social Services in the Welsh Senedd, and senior civil servants involved in drafting the Women’s Health Plan for Wales. Also secured the formation of the All-Wales Task & Finish Group for Improving Sexual & Reproductive Health (SRH) Outcomes for Women in Wales.

Influencing the discussion

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare continues to play an essential convening role in ensuring policy makers understand and value the role played by our members:​

  • Brought together over 90 policymakers, clinicians, researchers, officials and sector experts at APPG SRH meetings for discussions on the Shaping Abortion for Change (SACHA) abortion care study and the Women’s Health Strategy. ​
  • Grown the APPG’s public mailing list to over 500 (from ~300 in October 2021), including medical practitioners, campaigners, health policymakers and journalists.
charlotte porter“Training is key to our identity at the FSRH, and we are proud of the continuing progress we are making with multidisciplinary training and member engagement. Well-informed clinicians are key to good patient experience and improved women's health; and we will continue to innovate in our training delivery to ensure we have the confident workforce we need to deliver the FSRH Hatfield Vision." 

Dr Charlotte Porter​

FSRH Vice President, Specialty