FSRH Annual Review 2022

The year in review

We know you need the best possible level of support from us if you’re to continue to deliver the outstanding levels of care, expertise and professionalism that FSRH members are recognised for – both nationally here in the UK and increasingly globally.  

We’re proud to support and recognise this work across 2022 and beyond. 

This year has seen the start of numerous initiatives – both large and small – all designed to transform your experience as a member. 

We’re always working to transform the value we give to you, from the unique events, learning opportunities and resources you need to keep your practice at the leading edge, to more free webinars, new courses and our ever-increasing range of on-demand clinical content on our Training Hub.

We’re changing how easy it is to engage with us – from our new ‘super search’ function in our standards and guidelines, to our new member contact centre; our goal is to get you to the information you need, fast.  

Finally, we’re working to develop our relevance to the evolving world of SRH – through impactful initiatives like our new Menopause Care Professional Certificate (MCPC) and dedicated menopause care resources for members, to our new focus on Equality Diversity and Inclusion and the FSRH Hatfield Vision, which amplifies the voice of our members and delivers on your priorities – so you can carry on delivering the highest quality sexual and reproductive healthcare for all across the life course.  

This year, we also celebrated the presidency of Dr Asha Kasliwal, whose remarkable leadership played a significant role in guiding our work over the last six years.   

We're proud to support you in 2022, and we look forward to better supporting you in the years to come.  

Janet Barter
FSRH President

Gary Waltham


Dr Maryam Nasri"I'm so pleased that this year we've made such strong steps towards improving the experience for our members. From the exciting transformation project, to making our standards and guidelines more accessible and easier ways to pay; I believe we really are make strides to fully living our values and putting our members are the heart of what we do."

Dr Maryam Nasri, Vice President, Membership

Improving your membership

Improving your membership in 2022

1.2 million pageviews of the FSRH website
390,000 views of the FSRH clinical standards and guidelines
70% of member queries now answered first time, within just 23 hours
1,300 views of FSRH Bitesize                                                     

  • Smarter support – A new 'super search' function for FSRH clinical standards and guidelines. 
  • Faster answers to your questions – A new, modern digital contact centre so you can gain the support you need faster and more conveniently than ever.  
  • Celebrating your achievementsNurse spotlight campaign; and working to highlight the challenges and successes of the field. 
  • More value – Giving you more innovative educational content with "FSRH Bitesize", more on-demand content on our Training Hub, easier ways to access your award-winning journal and an ever-growing range of ways to engage with your community. 
  • Reaching out – Bringing the benefits of FSRH training, qualifications, membership and community to a wider audience.  
Tony Thamia Board of Trustees"This year we made some really important steps towards becoming a more representative and responsive Faculty. Perhaps closest to my heart is the work we’ve done on equality, diversity and inclusion; with a number of new initiatives kicking off in 2022, all with the goal of ensuring we’re better representing and serving our membership, in all its diversity.

EDI will only succeed if we all play our part and I ask everyone to support this incredibly important initiative."

Tony Thamia, FSRH Board of Trustees

Supporting your professional development  

Supporting your learning in 2022

700 new FSRH Diploma candidates in 2022
1,100 FSRH Letters of Competence awarded in 2022
6 free webinars
1,500+ attendees to the FSRH Hot Topics series
3 new Menopause Care educational products
27% increase in affiliate members from beyond the UK

  • Trusted by clinicians like you – In 2022, thousands of health care professionals looked to the FSRH as the cornerstone of their sexual and reproductive healthcare education and practice.   
  • Supporting better menopause care for all – To better support you to deliver outstanding menopause care, we’ve launched a range of Menopause Care educational events, courses, and qualifications aimed at improving outcomes for all individuals in this area.  
  • Innovation in learning – We’re piloting new programmes such as our new Abortion Care qualification, and the new and improved International Certificate of Knowledge across several countries.  
  • Standards and Guidelines – From new FSRH Service Standard on Obtaining Valid Consent to new FSRH CEU Guidance on Drug Interactions with Hormonal Contraception, we’re supporting your practice with more of the standards and guidelines you need. 
"Today has been brilliant. I have really enjoyed it and I've been inspired by the fabulous speakers and content mix. Really tremendous events, congratulations to the whole team."

Menopause on the Mind event attendee
Ruth Bailey"I am passionate about the role the Faculty plays in campaigning for sexual and reproductive healthcare. It is critical that we voice the knowledge and experience of our diverse membership to ensure that the nature of SRH is fully understood and valued.

By working collaboratively we maximise our impact to influence change at political level, here in the UK and globally."

Ruth Bailey, Nurse Member of FSRH Council

Amplifying your voice

Campaigns and advocacy

60 policy influencers attended our Parliamentary launch of the FSRH Hatfield Vision
30 sector-leading organisations who endorse the FSRH Hatfield Vision
66 social media engagements and 3 press stories for our nurse spotlight campaign
156% increase in media coverage in 2022
150 participants in our APPG discussion on future-proofing access to LARC

  • FSRH Hatfield Vision – We launched the FSRH Hatfield Vision, featuring priority goals and actions endorsed by 30 organisations in areas such as access to contraception, reproductive rights, menopause, menstrual health, cervical screening and maternal health outcomes in black people and people of colour. The Government has committed to the Vision informing future SRH policy, and we have already played a major role in developing the Women’s Health Plan for Wales.

Hatfield Vision Campaign

  • Abortion care – We advocated for safe, effective, and universal abortion healthcare, securing a positive vote in the House of Commons to establish buffer zones around abortion clinics in England and Wales and engaging in the Scottish Government’s Buffer Zones Summit; successfully campaigning for telemedicine for Early Medical Abortion to be made permanent; and gaining a commitment from the Government to commission and fund abortion services in Northern Ireland. 
  • Black voices on contraceptive choices – As part of our ongoing commitment to recognising the diversity of our members and the communities they serve, we were proud to support the delivery of an innovative programme of videos designed to amplify the voices of Black service users, as part of a research project led by Decolonising Contraception and UCL eHealth Unit.
  • Getting your voice heard on policy – the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Sexual and Reproductive Health continues to be one of the most respected APPGs in the House of Commons. The APPG is a growing group of stakeholders that brings together Parliamentarians together with influential guests such as the Prime Minister’s Special Advisor on Women’s Health and bodies such as the Academy of Royal Medical Colleges to explore meaningful, holistic improvement in SRH. The APPG has played a crucial role in policy wins on abortion care in 2022, as well as leading on the ongoing scrutiny of Government activity on women’s reproductive healthcare.

Proud to be supporting you in 2023

The FSRH is your Faculty.

As the leader in the field of sexual and reproductive healthcare, we are the voice for professionals working in this area. We exist as a multi-disciplinary professional membership organisation, we set clinical guidance and standards, provide training and lifelong education, and champion safe and effective sexual and reproductive healthcare across the life course for all.

To continue to deliver on this purpose in 2023, we will be sharpening our focus on providing the best value membership to you; ensuring you have a voice on the critical issues that impact the delivery of patient and service-user care, and responding to your professional needs faster than ever, allowing you to focus on delivering high quality sexual and reproductive healthcare for all.

It’s all part of our commitment to supporting you better in the year to come.

Learn more about our transformation programme here.