FSRH Annual Report

We take a look at our achievements in 2018 and how we have performed against our strategic objectives. 

We'd like to thank our members, trainers and those who participate in our committees we appreciate your expertise, knowledge and support.




2018 - What did we achieve?

2018 was an exciting year for us. We managed to:2018 FSRH Annual Review

  • Improve our governance structure – creating a new trustee board to provide leadership and finance/business planning expertise

  • Develop five new clinical guidance and standards – alongside our ever-popular webinars which over 3,000 members accessed

  • Re-launch our popular SRH Essentials one-day courses – 678 nurses, GPs and healthcare practitioners attended

  • Progress our Diploma Review project – to develop an accessible, clinically robust qualification to support SRH care

  • Launch our first online Contraceptive Counselling course – 719 healthcare professionals worldwide registered

  • Have a number of SRH policy ‘wins’ – from women in England, Scotland and Wales being able to take misoprostol at home, to Secretary of State Matt Hancock pledging to review how the 2012 Health and Social Care Act impacts SRH care.

Our Year in Numbers

Our year in numbers 2018 FSRH



Member Breakdown and financial summary

2018 was an exciting year for us. We reached the milestone of our 25th anniversary, improved our governance structure, developed new clinical guidance and standards, progressed our Diploma Review and re-launched our SRH Essentials one-day courses. 


We also had a number of SRH policy ‘wins’ – from women in England, Scotland and Wales being able to take misoprostol at home, to a confirmation from the Secretary of State Matt Hancock to develop a women’s health strategy. FSRH Financials and Membership Figures 2018

Here are some key figures on our membership, financials and expenditure in 2018.